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October 29, 2018


Thanks. It arrived safe and sound. I’m looking forward to giving it to her next weekend. I love telling the story of our meeting and your success on the internet. Say “hi” to Autumn for me. All the best. Picture when the twins arrive.


Clovis, California

July 08, 2018

Gary — very nice to hear from you as always. I was delayed in responding, because we spent the past week on grandparenting duty in Philadelphia, taking care of our 10-month-old granddaughter while our daughter and son-in-law were out of town. I can tell you that the rocker and table that you made for our daughter look great and are very well used!

We and our friends and family are enjoying all of our white Gary Weeks porch rockers as well — although we have had some hot spells, the difference between here and Texas is that the hot spells are broken up by cool spells. It was 55 degrees when we got up this morning, and the high today will be 80 degrees — we drank coffee and read the paper in two of your rockers on our porch, and I suspect that we will will spend more time in them later today as well.

Glad to hear that you have been able to spend time with your grandchildren as well — that's really what it's all about.

Enjoy the rest of the summer, and best wishes for continued success in the business (and for its founder to have time to get away as well).


Garrison, New York

June 30, 2018

Dear Gary,

I appreciated finding such a company as yours in the town I grew up in. The chair arrived timely, the day before our first of twins was discharged from the NICU. With twins we justified having two chairs. My wife has a fancy glider with cushions and I prefer my walnut rocker. It was a splurge but I tried to make one and it was taking too long!

Thank you,

Silver Spring, Maryland

May 14, 2018

Hi Gary,

I just rocked my daughter, L, to sleep on your chair. Me, T and L love it and everyone that's seen it has asked where we got it from. Also, the plaque came in the mail today. Looks great and thanks for sending it to us.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

March 27, 2018

Hi Autumn,

I just wanted to let you know that we received our Cherry Rocker today and my husband and I are completely thrilled!! The color is gorgeous, it's so comfortable and the workmanship and care your team has taken in crafting it is evident throughout. I'm just imagining the hours we'll spend rocking our little girl (who is due in 4 weeks!) in the years to come. It's a piece we'll treasure forever — thank you so much!!

I'm also going to pass along to my parents, my wish to have one of the Harris Stools for my birthday too.
If you hear from C.R. in the near future, that's us!!

I hope you have a great evening. Please let your crew know how wonderful their work is!


Sacramento, California

February 27, 2018

Hi Gary,

My parents gave me the Weeks Rocker in pecan in 1995 to celebrate the birth of our first child. Many hours have been spent in that chair reading and dozing a little too! I believe my parents (who live in Fort Worth) came upon your rockers at a bed and breakfast — and hunted you down to place the order.

That rocking chair has moved from Tennesee to Virginia to Florida to Washington State to North Carolina and now resides in Colorado! It has truly traveled coast to coast rocking kids of all ages!

We were thrilled to find you on the Internet — still making the same rocker! We wouldn't change a thing! It is our pleasure to give one to our daughter, B. and her husband to celebrate the same event!

Thank you for your commitment to craftmanship — it is well worth the effort!

Parker, Colorado

December 13, 2017

Hi Gary,

Oh, I miss the "hold and rock the baby for naps" phase! My youngest is 6 and our third child, and by the time she arrived, I had learned how quickly that phase passes. I savored every moment and miss it so much.

The desk arrived perfectly. The delivery team was a bit nervous it wouldn't fit through the door but it did. And it looks marvelous in the room. I will take and send a picture when it is nighttime!

I am so honored to have this treasure for her, and for her to cherish it as something handmade and to be passed down to her future children. Thank you for making it for us.

Happy Holidays and New Year!

Irvine, California

July 24, 2017

When we found out Ramona was pregnant in 2005, I went on a hunt for the perfect rocking chair. I found Gary Weeks and Company Furnituremakers.

They made the audacious claim that if it wasn't the most comfortable chair you had ever sat in, send it back, they'd pay shipping both ways.

When the crate finally arrived, it, the crate, was built better than most furniture I've ever seen. The chair itself is beyond compare. It's elegant, and solid. It rocks beautifully. And I spent many a night rocking my daughter to sleep in it.

And yes, it's the most comfortable chair I've ever sat in. And it's one of the most beautiful things I own. It will be in the family for generations.


Hailey, ID

June 05, 2017

Hi Gary,

It was so, so nice to get your message! And now, I've taken too long to reply. But I have to tell you: That day was so wonderful. I loved every minute I spent at your place, and everything we did was a fun surprise. You made me feel so special.

I'll admit that I've looked at your site a few times since then, wondering if future customers have seen that video. My hope is that any who might one day view it will know that my words were heartfelt, and the crack in my voice was genuine, and I hope that outshines any nervousness on my part. Please let me know when the new company has reworked the site so I can take a peek.

And you are so right that our grandbaby is no longer a baby. J. is 19+ months. C.and P. and J. love their rocker. In fact, when I told C. about your e-mail, she said J. loves it so much, she's tried to knock a hole in the wall, to no avail. The chair is still perfect, even with her abuse and their move last year to Houston (Richmond, actually). We'll be out there several times this year — J. is going to be a big sister at the end of August, beginning of September (gender unknown until delivery). I look forward to visiting Wimberley again, and bringing the rest of the family.

I've attached a few pictures. Dad P. sent me one earlier this year. C. sent some others after your e-mail came and said J. wasn't in a "posing" mood, but I think she was. Use them if you'd like.

L. C.

Duluth, Georgia

June 02, 2017

I received my rocker April 2002, after the birth of my son. What a gift to rock that sweet baby.
I wanted y'all to see this rocker was one of the only pieces of furniture that survived our house fire on May 16th. I am so grateful to still have this and to pass it down someday to rock a grand baby.

J. B.

Mr. Weeks,

. . . It was ordered under J. B. in Richardson, Tx. Probably March of 2002.
I had been watching your lead time and when I finally ordered the chair, the lead time had been extended. I called you office, nearly in tears and a sweet lady assured me I would have my rocker in time to rock my baby. And I did!
A side note, my family owns Kent Mill & Supply in Waco an architectural millwork company. When my brother came up to see his new nephew, he took one look at the rocking chair and said, "is that a Weeks Rocker?!" He then laid it on its back to verify.
Y'all are well respected among your peers.
Thank you for blessing us. Keep up the fantastic craftsmanship.




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