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December 24, 2015

E. was born on 12/22/15. She is amazingly beautiful! We are bringing her home today and my wife and I are so looking forward to having her home and rocking her in our beautiful rocking chair. Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and thank you and everyone at Gary Weeks and Co. for the outstanding service and products. We all wish you and everyone there a very Merry Christmas.

God bless,

Montgomery, AL

November 06, 2015

Mr. Weeks,

I hope you're well. When my wife became pregnant we began shopping for a nursing chair, hoping that the one we chose would last longer than my wife's nursing. My wife found your company, and your passion for your work was immediately obvious. We ordered a Weeks rocker and it has proved to be a gem in our home.

It served us well while my daughter was a baby, she is now almost three years old. I admire that every detail, EVERY DETAIL, is deliberately thought out and expertly executed. This rocker sacrifices neither form nor function and I am still amazed every time I sit in it; three years after we received it. I feel like I am sitting in a work of art that was someone's life work. I feel honored to sit in my rocker.

This morning my daughter was having fun on the rocker and we got some on video. That prompted me to want to write and share my gratitude and the short video with you. Please enjoy.

We look forward to getting the side table when our finances permit. In the meantime we enjoy visiting the website and looking at your products. Thank you for all for your work.


Chicago, IL

November 03, 2015


The rocking chair arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I must say that I was, and continue to to be, amazed at the quality and comfort of the rocking chair. The rocking chair is second to none and absolutely a work of art. You and your staff are the best. There was even a hand written note from Becca wishing my wife and future baby to enjoy it and hoping that it remained a surprise for my wife, which it did. My wife honestly did not know what to say when I revealed it to her . . . she looked like a child on Christmas morning just in awe. She walked around it and admired it for a couple of minutes then sat in it and started rocking and said, "This is the most comfortable rocking chair I have ever sat in . . . I could fall asleep." We love it and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. My wife wants to carry it to one of her baby showers and show it off, if that tells you how much she loves it. Thanks so much for you and your company's beautiful work and attention to detail and customer service. I will be leaving a detailed review on your website about how happy we are with the rocking chair. I am now a life long customer and will definitely be purchasing another in the future.

Thank you,

Pike Road, AL

September 25, 2015


Thank you for your nice note and excellent craftsmanship.
My daughter and son-in-law love the rocking chair and footstool. They can't stop talking about the beauty, excellent workmanship and comfort. We expect to get thousands of hours of good use out of the rocker and footstool over time, especially after the twins arrive (scheduled for two weeks from today!).

All the best,

New York, NY

September 23, 2015

Aloha, Becca:

I have enjoyed the short but wonderful time we have had in making arrangements for my daughter's rocker. Thank you so much for your efficiency, professionalism, and the great welcome I felt in doing business with you and your family. I hope to experience first-hand the blessed feeling of sitting with my first grandchild in this beautiful rocking chair in just a few weeks! Take care.

Peace —

Kailua-Kona, HI

July 09, 2015

Received. Unboxed. It rocks! Beautiful and functional.

Super comfy for both me and my wife. Can't wait to rock our newborn boy to sleep when he arrives in November.


Brown Deer, Wisconsin

April 22, 2015

After my wife's mesquite rocker did an unscheduled tour of the California desert, it finally arrived in La Jolla. It is well worth the price and wait! What a spectacular piece of craftsmanship and art. Until the baby arrives, I plan on monopolizing it. It is incredibly comfortable.

We sure are glad we found you. We expect this rocker to be a member of our family for many generations.


Ja Jolla, California

April 18, 2015

Thanks so much, mother and baby are both doing great. S. G. is really progressing well. I can't wait until they are home from the NICU and I can rock her. Thank you so much for making such a beautiful chair. I am sure we will enjoy it for many years to come.


Spring, Texas

October 02, 2014

Hi Gary,

I’m just writing to say thank you for the 3 Rockers that arrived safely yesterday. They are the most beautiful Rockers I have ever seen, and look like they have every chance of lasting for several lifetimes. As I had mentioned to you when I ordered the Rockers, they were to be cared for by 3 separate families who have been joined . . . I chose the Rocking chair because it represents the love between a mother and her child.

Please pass on our thanks to all who worked to make them and in particular to your Grandchildren and friends who designed the 3’s, they did a fabulous job and made the chairs extra special.

Many Thanks

St. Charles, Illinois

September 04, 2014

Hi Gary,

The chair arrived last night. It is beautiful! And even more comfortable than promised! We are in love with it. The baby is due in just under 6 weeks. As we're setting up the nursery I am so happy to have this piece from our home state at the center.

Main Freight was great, they called when they were on the way and navigated our complicated building complex without complaining. The crate just fit through all of the doors and elevators. (In the photo you can see the crate arrived in great shape, and just fit inside our hall way! NYC apartments really put these things to the test!)

Thank you so much for this chair. We look forward to many rocking years.

Brooklyn, New York

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