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March 15, 2013

Yes, it came yesterday afternoon, and I've been enjoying it thoroughly ever since then! We took careful note of the packaging when it arrived, as it'll be going with us on all our various postings around the world and we want to make sure we treat it right (and make sure the movers do as well) — is there anything non-obvious we should know to be careful about when shipping it every few years?

We learned about you through a web search. I'm from Seattle, where opportunities to come across a beautiful piece of handmade furniture made out of gorgeous wood are, as it turns out, a whole lot more abundant than they are in the DC area. However, I'd always dreamed of getting one, plus I wasn't about to have an infant around with no chair to rock it in. As it happens, my husband and I both came across your information in separate bouts of searching — I think mine was something like "artisan hardwood rocking chair" or something like that. There are several beautiful options out there, but many of the others were either prohibitively expensive or we (who don't own a car) would have had to get ourselves to another state somehow to see/order/pick up a chair. Seems like we made the right choice!
Another friend who is expecting has already asked where we got it . . .

Thanks again,

Washington, DC

February 04, 2013


You are quite welcome, and many thanks to you for such fine work on the chair. I spent quite a bit of time in the chair this weekend for some mandatory baby book reading and it's fantastic.

The attention to detail on all of the aspects of the chair are second to none, so now I've got a high bar to contend with once my woodworking is underway.

I'll keep in touch and let you know how things are progressing.

A. & B.

Austin, Texas

December 27, 2012

Hi Gary,

Omissions of communication during holy days and holidays never require excuses. My wife and I love the cherry rocker and stool. You charge far too little for the work — it sits impressively next to our other very well made furniture.

A review in greater depth will come in the next few weeks after we attempt to rock the eventual new addition to the family to sleep.

Best regards to the Weeks family and Happy New Year,

Great Neck, New York

December 11, 2012

Thank you so much — We did receive the BEAUTIFUL rocking chair and it came in perfect condition. It is everything I had hoped for, and a beautiful addition to our home as we await the first Grand Baby! Now we would like to order the footstool, as Grandpa looks forward to napping in the super comfortable chair. (And that says a lot — to get him out of his recliner!)
You have been so delightful to work with, and I can see and appreciate how much love and care go into your workmanship. We are true fans! I will call during work hours tomorrow to order the cherry footstool. Thank you again!


Chico, California

September 06, 2012


We received the delivery without any issues. Thank you for the wonderful rocker. The first thing we noticed was just how soft the wood felt — it is buttery to the touch! The size of the chair is perfect (it fit through our narrow hallways and doorways without an issue), and it looks amazing in our nursery. The rocker is a perfect addition to our home, and our baby is already starting to enjoy its soothing. The rocker is exactly what we wanted, and we look forward to enjoying it for years to come.

Thank you again for your quick responses, professional service, and amazing craftsmanship. I've already passed your name along to a friend looking for a rocker. And, rest assured that I will come calling again if (when) we need another!

Best Regards,

Washington, DC

July 20, 2012

Hi Gary,

YES! We have received the rocking chair! We love it! As promised, it is the most comfortable rocker we've ever sat in. And besides that, it's beautiful!

We have no idea how you can make a rocking chair with measurements to please everyone — but you have — and we are grateful!

I am sitting in the rocking chair as I write this message! We are very excited about the baby arriving in a few weeks — the baby already seems to like the chair. As soon as E. gets up from rocking, the baby starts bumping around.

Thank you!
N. and E.

P.S. There was some lovely artwork on the box. We enjoyed the pink castle and ? battle ? — there seemed to be a bow and arrow involved. Do all shipments come with complimentary artwork? :)

Corvalis, Oregon

June 04, 2012


Allison and Michael received the rocker, unpacked it yesterday, are thrilled and appear to be vying for "practice sitting" hours in preparation for rocking their newborn in September.

Thank you so much for (1) creating this piece of art and (2) taking great care to make sure it arrived in Chicago safely.


Bastrop, Texas

December 02, 2011

Thanks Gary!

I was so pleased that I could pick-up the chair so soon. I really didn't expect it until January. I already love rocking in it. The baby moves a lot everytime I rock, so I think the baby likes it too :)

I hope your Thanksgiving was nice, and good luck with work during the Christmas season.

Thanks again,

Austin, Texas

December 02, 2011

Hello Everyone —

Just wanted to let my whole family know that the wonderful gift you gave me on my birthday arrived at our home yesterday. It came on a truck and was boxed as if it was the lost ark from "Raiders". Once opened, I knew why. Truly, it is now the most beautiful piece of furniture we have in our home or in Willowbrook for that matter. I've never seen such a work of art like this chair. You can tell that someone spent an awful lot of time and effort into creating such a piece. It's absolutely beautiful, and as comfortable as a leather sofa. Thank-You all very, very much. I can¹t wait to sit in it as I watch A. pace back and forth in the room to try and get the baby to sleep!

Thanks Again,

Willowbrook, Illinois

December 01, 2011

It arrived in perfect form and is simply amazing. We all had fun trying it out on Thanksgiving. I know the baby will love it, too (expected in February). Many thanks for your beautiful work.


New York, New York

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