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August 02, 2014

Hi Gary,

We received our rocker and we are more than pleased by its comfort, beauty, and quality craftsmanship. We look forward to rocking the baby soon!

Thank you,

Bedford, MA

July 31, 2014

Dear Austin and Gary,

I am so sorry for the belated expression of gratitude. Moving has been a bear, and I whole-heartedly echo my mom's words, but I should have added my own sooner!

The rocking chair and accompanying pieces are truly wonderful. The craftsmanship is breathtaking, and the wood immediately envelops a sitter in softness and warmth. My husband, Brian, and I are gearing up for many changes as we look forward to our first baby's arrival in September, and the rocking chair already offers a sense of comfort in our new world. We will treasure the chair, stool, and table as family heirlooms, and are so grateful to my parents and to you for providing pieces that will be passed down through generations.

Thank you thank you thank you!


Atlanta, Georgia

May 06, 2014

the rocker was delivered monday afternoon ! My daughter-in law loves it! I knew she would. thanks for your help on the shipping and thanks again for a great rocker. Now, we're all set for our granchild.


Homerglen, Illinois

April 14, 2014

Gary — we took delivery of the chair and stool on Friday – no problem, everything arrived in fine shape. The rocking chair is beautiful!! We are so pleased with it – its very comfortable, and the workmanship is wonderful. The chair was a gift for the mom-to-be in our family, and she loves it – I told her she could give it to her daughter when the daughter has her own baby.

It was a pleasure to deal with you, I hope we have another occasion to do that.

take care and thanks a lot

Rancho Palos Verde, California

April 10, 2014

Dear Mr. Weeks,

We would like to tell you that words cannot express how happy we are with the Walnut Rocker you made for us. It is absolutely gorgeous! It arrived exactly on time in perfect condition as you promised. It's amazing how it "fits" both myself and my wife. Know that we have a 12 inch difference in our heights and the rocker is so comfortable for both of us. You certainly have a gift in your woodworking skills, talent, and artistry. My wife rocks in it everyday and it brings her such peace and joy while she meditates there. We've used it to rock our grandson and looking forward to rocking the two new grandbabies coming this summer and fall. We just can't say enough nor thank you enough for this incredible rocking chair!

Gratefully Happy,
D. and D.

D. and D. Ellisville, Missouri

February 26, 2014

Hi Gary,

We are – as you say – rocking happily. I now have to race my toddler to get a seat, but when the baby and I get to use the rocking chair it weaves its magic and rocks us to sleep!

Thank you for your warm service and a gift I hope to hand down the generations.

All the best,

London, England

December 28, 2013

Your chair did arrive exactly as promised — and it's beautiful and oh, so comfortable. I'm 6'6", and the chair is comfortable for me. My daughter is 5'8", and it fits her, too. My daughter and her husband love it, and it looks great in the nursery.

Thank you for your work, your art, and your service.


Ft. Worth, Texas

October 30, 2013

Dear Mr. Weeks,

We just unpacked the rocker and everything looks great. We wrapped it back up so my daughter and husband can open it next week at their shower. Thanks again for everything.


Saranac, New York

September 20, 2013

Hi Gary,

I was just about to email you. We wanted to let you know that we did receive the chair a couple of days ago in excellent condition and that we truly love it! Workmanship is outstanding and the chair is truly comfortable. I am 8.5 months pregnant, so I know what comfortable means.
Look forward to using the chair with our new baby and our 4 year old as well.
Thank you so very much for continuing to make these beautiful pieces of furniture.

Our best regards,

Los Alamos, New Mexico

July 31, 2013

Dear Austin,

We are delighted with the rocking chair.

As it happened the chair shipped the day the baby was born and we were back at home just a few days before it arrived.

Really impressed by the workmanship and attention to detail, also the great simplicity of the piece. And super impressed by the packing for shipment.

Our great thanks. We are very happy to add the chair to our home and to the memories we'll share with our new son.


Klosterneuburg, Austria

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