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December 20, 2023

Thanks Gary!The new barstools are fantastic — beautiful and perfect matches to our original Weeks stools.Having sat on a lot of stools over the years, I can truthfully say that these are my favorites — simple, comfortable, and great lines...

El Paso, Tex

September 21, 2023

Omg Gary, I’m sitting at my island with the top and stools from you and I’m ecstatic about them! I know you have many accolades for the woodwork and pieces but I will tell you that passing the torch to the next generation (like Austin and Autumn) is a notable accomplishment these days.

Thanks for the note, I appreciate it.

Ft. Worth, Texas

April 25, 2022

Hi Gary,
Thanks for reaching out. I’m pretty sure it would be pointless to tell you that I like the barstools very much, and that they have exceeded my expectations, yada yada yada. Of course, you know that already. I’ve been admiring them for years at my mother’s house to the extent that I had to have some for myself.
I am impressed nevertheless. If I had to guess, and merely by observation, I’d probably say that these fell out of a CNC machine before they were assembled. That must be your secret.
I hope we do get the chance to work on another project some day.

Reno, Nevada

August 06, 2021

S...'s delighted with her barstools! It's always a pleasure doing business with your company.

Silver Spring, Maryland

October 18, 2020

they are here and lovely… of course the kitchen isn't finished…but I can at least enjoy my bar stools.

Bethesda, Maryland

September 22, 2020

Dear Gary and Autumn,

Just wanted to let you know that our new stool arrived last night. It's a beautiful addition to our collection and just the right size to allow three of us to sit together in the kitchen.

Thank you!
G. and A.

Lake Forest, Washington

November 14, 2019

Hi Gary,
The writing desk, chairs and bar stools arrived this morning in good condition. You're right, the desk is particularly nice, but I think the arm chair might be my new favorite. All are beautiful and I thank you...for your fine craftsmanship and I am truly happy to have these new additions in my home.
A. R.

Sacramento, California

October 11, 2019

Yes we did receive them and we absolutely love them. Thank you so much they are just perfect.

Ashville, North Carolina

January 25, 2019

We went to your studio this afternoon and were greeted by Will and Autumn. They were courteous, knowledgeable, professional and very helpful. We had questions about bar stools and also needed to have a 1998 vintage rocking chair repaired. Everything was addressed quickly and completely. We were impressed.

F.C. & V.W.

Austin, Texas

September 05, 2018

Hi Gary,

The desk and barstools are gorgeous. They add such beauty to our home and life. Thank you again for everything. I look forward to seeing you at the Barn dance!


Somerville, Massachusetts

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