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August 26, 2023

The chair has arrived safely in Nashville and is now in a place of honor in the baby’s room. It is such a lovely piece!! My daughter and her husband have a sense of humor, and I wanted to share a few texts from them:
S. (...husband): “You can feel the quality.”
S. : “This chair seems to be saying ‘I am what furniture is supposed to be. I don’t know about the other stuff you guys you put in here, though.”
The chair to the other pieces in the baby room: “Back when I was being assembled by master craftsmen…oh sorry, you guys were cobbled together with Allen keys on a Saturday morning, weren’t you?”

Sincerely yours,

Texarkana, Texas

August 30, 2023

By the way, I’ve started using one of our armchairs for my daily meditation—it’s perfect for the task.

Brooklyn, New York

August 17, 2023

Gary and Autumn,

I received the Weeks Rocking Chair and footstool this afternoon. No damage was found. The rocker is fantastic! Well made, beautiful wood, fits my body like a glove. When I was in college and medical school I always used a rocker for reading/studying... Now that I am retired..., I have been looking for a great rocking chair and believe that I have found it.

Thanks again.
L. W.

Scottsdale, Arizona

July 14, 2023

Dear Gary,

The chairs are beautiful. M. and I enjoy looking at them with all the detail and clever construction.We appreciate the harmonies and the fluid lines and overall grace and sophistication within American modern/classic design. They add richness to our surroundings and bring a sense of timeless and natural beauty to our home. The chairs are very comfortable and a joy to sit in.Autumn’s delivery was with great care and we appreciate her knowledge and insight. Thank you very much. It was a great experience working with you on the woods and getting a chance to see and work in your shop.Best wishes to y’all .

Sincerely,D. and M.

PS, as I don’t have his email, please forward our appreciation to Austin as well - I very much appreciate his craftsmanship, time and patience with me!

Austin, Texas

July 01, 2023

Dear Gary,

Congratulations on your 30th anniversary! I have had my Weeks Rocker now for 23 years and it is still rocking away in great shape. I love this rocker and I have experienced many ups and downs in this chair, and now that I am retired I spend many happy days and evenings listening to music in my Weeks masterpiece. I cherish it and want to thank for your creativity, craftsmanship, and commitment to quality.


Stamford, Connecticut

June 28, 2023

Hi Gary -

The rocking chair is truly incredible.
Thank you for all of your hard work on it. We are so grateful.


New York, New York

April 24, 2023

Gary,I’m still enjoying my lifetime table. Thanks for the exceptional work by you and your team.

Santa Rosa, Florida

May 24, 2023

Dear Gary,

Our cherry rocker and foot stool arrived today. It is both beautiful and functional. It is so comfortable, and we love all the attention to detail. We are so pleased in every regard. Thanks so much!

B. and K...

Penfield, New York

January 26, 2023

Gary, we truly love the walnut rocker and are looking forward to rocking our babies in it in the years to come. Thanks so much for reaching out!
Best, M.

Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

April 13, 2023

The chair arrived safely. It's beautiful - and my wife and I took turns last night enjoying it!

Thanks so much for creating a beautiful piece for us, for the good customer service and supervised shipping experience. It was all just great.

Live Generously

Newburyport, Massachusetts

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