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November 14, 2023

Dear Austin; I just want to let you know that Autumn delivered my rocker Saturday. What a nice and informative lady! She highlighted the graining of the wood as well as the felt pads on the rocker to protect the wood floor. I’m glad y’all thought of that! I couldn’t be more impressed with Weeks&Company. The service was great and the rocker was outstanding! The cherry wood is beautiful & the rocker is so designed to fit perfectly.It rocks the way I thought a rocker should but rarely found. In gratitude to y’all;D.H.

Houston, Texas

December 20, 2023

Thanks Gary!The new barstools are fantastic — beautiful and perfect matches to our original Weeks stools.Having sat on a lot of stools over the years, I can truthfully say that these are my favorites — simple, comfortable, and great lines...

El Paso, Tex

December 21, 2023


We are so glad to hear from you.

J. delivered their first baby on the 19th of December. Your Weeks rockers are the most beautiful and comfortable rockers anywhere! One of the best touches we have had is to meet the gal who actually made the rocking chair and delivered the chair! Autumn delivered the chair on the way to her Thanksgiving holiday with family. I was surprised at how young she is and how accomplished she is in woodworking. She delivered a top quality rocker...

You have grown the business so much, I practically don't recognize you. Ken and I bought our rocker several years earlier when your website was a little older and a lot fuzzier in appearance. The website is so professional compared to back then. I first found you by searching the web for rocking chairs that fit both short and tall people. Our family has people from 5 feet to 6'3”...

I love the Weeks rocking chair and frequently have people sit in it just for the experience, because it is such a lovely experience. The balance of the rocker makes for a soothing rock instead of a store bought clunky rock that requires more force to keep it going and "jumps" halfway through the rock because it isn't balanced properly. (think the white porch rockers that are sold everywhere or the more expensive rockers in a furniture store--there is simply no comparison)

Again, your craftsmanship is superb!
Merry Christmas to your family and family of Gary Weeks & Company!

Fountain Inn, South Carolina

December 21, 2023


The Weeks rocker arrived in great condition and my wife helped unpack the box. (I tried to make it a surprise, but she figured things out from the picture not the box.)

My wife then proceeded to sit in the chair for the next few hours, marveling at the comfort, fit, and finish.

She did the same thing the next day.

Thank you.


Raymond, Nebraska

December 09, 2023

December 9, 2023
Hi Gary Your workmanship is outstanding and you will be heading from us again! Have a wonderful holiday!

Stockbridge, Massachusetts

November 24, 2023

Hello Gary and Austin,
We had our first family Thanksgiving around our lovely dining table yesterday. It was perfect!
With gratitude,
B. and P.

San Antonio, Texas

November 24, 2023

Thanks for the email. It is gorgeous and definitely a keeper- recycling the cardboard shipping crate this weekend!


Sun City West, Arizona

November 22, 2023

Check shouldn’t bounce.

Please pass along our thanks to Austin … and all of your crew. I’m still enamored of your work.

Have a great Thanksgiving!


St. Paul, Minnesota

December 17, 2023

hi there,the cherry rocking chair finally cleared quarantine and was delivered today (schenker provided excellent service, thanks). the chair is great, significantly more comfortable than my maloof homage.
kind regards,r.

Mosman Park, Western Australia

August 17, 2023

Dear Gary and Austin,

It's been ten months and I just love your beautiful rocker! It is the finest piece of furniture in our home. Your communication, packaging, shipping were exceptional.

But the rocker! It's an absolute masterpiece.

Thank you,

Kansas City, Missouri

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