We can inset contrasting pieces of wood into furniture.

Proof and Price for Graphic Inlays

If you have a design or image that you would like inlaid into a piece of our furniture, send a sketch or image. We will distill it to an appropriate line drawing, price it, and send the drawing to you as a proof.

Our basic charge is $200 for each inlaid piece necessary to produce the image. Some complex shapes are more, some simple ones are less.

For this medium there are only two elements: outline and contrast. Many images are too complex to read well as inlays. Some of them will work as engravings. For more than a very little text, consider a bronze plaque.

Examples in Foot Stools


Examples in Rocking Chair Arms




Narrow strips of contrasting wood as borders, bands, or stripes are a special type of inlay called stringing. The price will vary based on size and shape. Inquire.