Sculpting and Sanding

We level, detail, and sculpt so forms flow one into another and soft contours resolve into clean, crisp lines--
catching the light, pleasing the eye.

We sand so the surface of the wood looks and feels like a gem.


We must level the tenons that pass through the arms and the rockers.
Notice the wedge in Austin's left hand.


When assembled, the rocking chair back leg is proud of the crest.
We sculpt wood away to level the leg with the crest and create a hard line to catch the light. catch the light and please the eye.

rocking chair back and crest detail


We want the arm to flow from the back leg like a limb from a tree.

We can get get it close by dry-fitting the arm to the leg and sculpting before assembly. But the final fairing occurs after glue-up.


The areas leveled, sculpted, and faired require machine sanding to 220 grit.

The entire chair gets sanded by hand with 320 and 400 grits.

Austin sanding rocking chair, 100 Grit