This Company

company staff, rocking chair, lumber

This company is a father and son partnership collaborating with other artisans
to build rocking chairs, dining chairs, dining tables, barstools,
and whatever else we want to since 1992.

We live and work in Wimberley, Texas Hill Country, thirty five miles from Austin.

Leslie and I named this business in 1999. We had been making the Weeks Rocker for seven years. The rocking chair was becoming the foundation of a business. At the time, the “and Company” part of the name was hopeful.

Our son, Austin, joined us. Others have signed on. It takes people of character to fulfill the highest standards of service and craft. They work here. They are the Company.

Because this endeavor is greater than Gary Weeks, I have regrets about the prominence of that part of the name…but it is for sure right in this way: If it is not the very best we can do, I don’t want my name on it.