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January 13, 2014

Gary and Austin,

The chair arrived this morning . . . right on time and in perfect condition . . . and we love it!! Thank you so much. I can tell all the love and attention you and your craftsmen put into building it. When our construction is complete and it is placed in our new space I'll send you pictures.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Dallas, Texas

December 29, 2014

Hello and Happy New Year!!

He's rocking in it now. As I expected, the chair was quite a surprise and an adjustment from what he was sitting in, but he's been in it every day since the 25th, with no complaints. In fact, he even said it's more comfortable than he expected it to be (this is a huge compliment from someone who does not receive gifts well AT ALL).

The delivery arrived without incident on the 22nd. I should tell you that the folks who brought it to me were very helpful unloading, unwrapping and even carting away the packing materials; I think they were eager to see what was inside! It's a beautiful chair, and I know that one day soon, I'll be ordering from you again . . . for me, in walnut!

Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Little Rock, Arkansas

December 26, 2014

Hiya Gary,

My rocker was delivered today and I have to say it's the nicest Christmas present I've ever received (except for my Schwinn bike in 1973!). I'm sitting in it now. The first time I sat in it (right after it was unpacked) I started rocking and my first thought was, Now what was bothering me?

Many thanks.

Chicago, Illinois

December 19, 2014

Hey Gary,

We got the chairs. They’re beautiful. The shippers did a good job. No problem with that. The joinery is superb. The finish is even better. They’re beautiful.


Ashville, North Carolina

December 17, 2014

We received our chair yesterday in perfect condition. It is beautiful and challenging to hide!!!
The driver/delivery man was very nice and helpful.
Thanks for a great experience. I'm so excited to give this to M. in eight days! He better not snoop!

Merry Christmas!

De Soto, Kansas

December 10, 2014

Gary, the rocker arrived today. It is beautiful and oh so comfortable. Thanks and have a wonderful holiday season.


December 06, 2014


The chair Kate ordered was a birthday present for me. I recently suffered a back injury that has made sitting for anything more than 15 minutes unbearable. Your chair is a wonder, allowing me to sit comfortably for hours. That it is a beautiful example of craftsmanship is a bonus.

Many thanks, and happy holidays,

Washington, DC

December 05, 2014

The barstools came today and are so beautiful. They are going in my new (unfinished) house and if I have any money left when the house is done, I'm going to think seriously about buying a rocker. I am beyond pleased.

Thanks so much,

Orlando, Florida

December 04, 2014

The Rocker and Footstool arrived this morning. They are beautiful!! We will enjoy them very much.

Thanks a lot.
J. and S.

Abilene, Texas

November 27, 2014


The rocking chair arrived yesterday. Ray is so proud of it, I am very happy.

Happy thanksgiving.

Loveland, Colorado

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