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September 25, 2014


The rocking chair and stool arrived in fine shape, and they are everything I hoped for and more. From the moment I sat down in it, my back said thank you. Its a beautiful piece of furniture which we will treasure and use for a long, long time. Thanks not only for the craftsmanship, but for the wonderfully solicitous service in getting it here.

All the best,

Silver Spring, Maryland

September 24, 2014

He's extremely happy with the rocker.
Thank you very much for following up.


Lawrence, Kansas

September 23, 2014

Dear Gary,

I wanted to put a review on to your site, but this will have to act as a testimonial, because I am really pleased with everything we purchased from you.

I originally bought the rocking chair because I wanted a comfortable chair that had no upholstery, since I had two cats (enough said there). The chair was so comfortable that I purchased the dining room chairs as well. Also very comfortable. The design is a perfect fit to the human body. Now I have grand children and needed a stool to help them step up to the sink and such, but also for me to sit at their level without struggling up and down from the floor. Once again . . . the stool is perfect. Just the right height and sturdy, well balanced, so no tipping when a child stands on it, and very comfortable to sit on and rise from. The price is also half that of a similar piece I was considering from a local furniture maker. I am very pleased.


Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

September 22, 2014


The barstools arrived and they are working out just fine. The extra artwork on the boxes was a nice touch.


Sarasota, Florida

September 22, 2014


My rocking chair just arrived. Gorgeous! Feels Wonderful! I am so pleased!
Thank you very much!


Lawrence, Kansas

September 08, 2014

Hello Gary, We are sorry we did not get to meet you as well. Austin was great helping us get loaded and on our way. When I finish moving things around in the kitchen and the door pulls go on I will send a photo. The bar stools now bring everything together as our cabinets are cherry as well. We love them! I¹m looking forward to winter by the fire in my rocking chair. You all do beautiful work. Thanks!


Boerne, Texas

September 04, 2014

Hi Gary,

The chair arrived last night. It is beautiful! And even more comfortable than promised! We are in love with it. The baby is due in just under 6 weeks. As we're setting up the nursery I am so happy to have this piece from our home state at the center.

Main Freight was great, they called when they were on the way and navigated our complicated building complex without complaining. The crate just fit through all of the doors and elevators. (In the photo you can see the crate arrived in great shape, and just fit inside our hall way! NYC apartments really put these things to the test!)

Thank you so much for this chair. We look forward to many rocking years.

Brooklyn, New York

August 28, 2014


Thank you for reaching out to check on the chair arrival. I have been meaning to email you to tell you that the chair arrived safely. It looks like it survived the shipment just fine. I gave it to my husband and he is referring to it as a "work of art." I think he will really enjoy the time he spends in his new chair. Thank you for making this such an enjoyable and successful "on-line" shopping experience. When I read all of the testimonials on your website, I was sure that we would like the chair. I particularly noticed how wonderfully supportive the back of the chair felt.

Thank you again for making this such an awesome experience.

Manhattan Beach, California

August 19, 2014

The stools just arrived in perfect condition and they are gorgeous! ! Just like I hoped for and worth the wait. A work of art! Thanks again!

P. and F.


August 19, 2014

Austin and Gary,

The tables are great, as expected. Thanks for the original artwork in the packing materials too!


Ames, Iowa

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