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Category: By Year - 1998

June 22, 1998

Dear Leslie and Gary,

It was really fun visiting you and two of your offspring, and touring your interesting and amazing workshop. Hope you've received some rain and are not suffering too much from the heat.

Unlike the chair pictured on this notecard (which is not lacking in personality and charm), our Weeks Rocker is a thing of beauty. Comfortable. Gorgeous. We are so thrilled! Thank you, Gary, for creating such a lovely, perfect work of art. Our descendants will enjoy it too.

C. and T.O.

Saint Jo, Texas​

June 14, 1998

Dear Gary,

Just thought we should drop you a note to say how much we are enjoying the walnut rocking chair. Our children and many friends have smiled when they saw it, and had to try it out and, of course, put a hand on the beautiful wood. Thank you for this work or art that will continue to enhance our lives!

M. and D.C.

Dallas, Texas

March 01, 1998

Dear Gary,

The chair is a pleasure to sit in, a joy to the eye, and sensuous to the touch. The wood is fine to start with, carefully matched, and finely finished. In short, I am impressed and pleased.


Rolling Hills Estates, CA​

January 22, 1998

[ A friend and former employee passed this on, GW]

I know we aren't supposed to treasure things, but the rocking chair must be an exception. The walnut is just incredible. Thank you very much for picking it out, delivering it, and of course, helping in its construction. Please give my deepest thanks to Gary for making this possible. I can't imagine there being a better rocker made in the whole world. Tell him that he must pass the skill on. One or both of his boys must continue this out.


Dallas, Texas​