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January 21, 2014


I got the rocker yesterday and am thoroughly pleased with its workmanship, design and comfort. The cherry wood is lovely, and the rocker moves with minimum effort and great bum and back support. It's also pleasing to the eye- — form follows function in a striking piece of furniture. Thanks for a product that actually is what is claimed.

I'm not so happy with the extra charges newly applied to import duties here, but that's not your issue. Australia is a wealthy country and we are so partly because most of us are paid a very decent wage. It's reasonable to pay fairly for custom processing, but being human means I get to complain!

Thank you for persevering through the transactions.

Much appreciated,

Melbourne, Australia

January 17, 2014


It arrived right on time and looks beautiful, still a little finish smell but that will fade I know. Attached are photos. We are very happy with all the pieces, they are great in our room and we are so glad we worked with local artisans. Although we don't really need them, we are thinking about getting the two more chairs just because it would complete the look. We will let you know.

Thanks again

Austin, Texas

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