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November 04, 2022

Hi Autumn,
I’m so glad you got the check! And yes, I received the stool yesterday. It’s absolutely beautiful paired with the rocker, of course—I’ve attached a picture. I also included a photo that hangs on the wall behind it—it’s of the rocker with me and my daughter, for whose birth the rocker was a gift back in 2003. She’s in college now!
Thanks again for such quality work, and wonderful customer service. I hope to work with you again in the future.

Brooktondale, New York

October 14, 2022

Nineteen years ago, I received a cherry Weeks Rocker as a gift when my youngest was born. Unsurprisingly, it has become my most cherished piece of furniture, and the one most admired by others who visit my home. I have long wanted to add a matching footstool to it, and the time has come!
Kind regards, L.

Brooktondale, New York

April 23, 2022

Hi Gary and Austin,The Maple Rocker has been delivered and my daughter is so very happy, she says it is "Beautiful!" and has sent me 3 photos of her sitting in it and beaming. Plenty of room for the little one in her tummy too.
She looks so happy and comfortable. Made my day / month/ year so far : )
Kindest regards,J.

Stirling, Australia

April 04, 2022

Hello Gary and co,
I just wanted to send an enormous thank you for the beautiful rocking chair and stool I received in December. This chair has been the go-to for everyone who rocks our new baby girl and it’s my absolute favorite space to nurse. I’m sitting in it now and don’t want to get up :). Both the chair and the foot stool are gorgeous, extremely comfortable and I feel the love and care oozing out of every thoughtful curve. What an excellent thing to create and share with the world, thank you so much.

I hope you all have a beautiful spring and very successful year. Xo

Salt Lake City, Utah

November 02, 2020

Hi Gary & Team,

Yes, our chair was delivered, and we absolutely love it. I’ve attached a picture of the chair in our nursery with some artwork that arrived with it- Thanks, Bela!

Just so you’re aware, the freight company never updated the tracking information nor did they contact us before delivery. I simply got a phone call from the driver when he was at my home and nobody was there to receive the chair. In this case, everything worked out fine, so no problem, but I thought you’d like to know.

Thanks again! We’re looking forward to rocking our new baby in another 6 weeks or so!

Coopersburg, Pennsylvania

September 03, 2020

Hi Gary,

The rocker arrived Monday and I have it all set up in the nursery. It's so lovely and comfortable, thank you so much! I know we'll treasure it for many years.


Baltimore, Maryland

December 20, 2018


Thanks for the follow up. Yes, we did receive the chair in perfect form. Our little one took an instant liking to it.


Brewer, Maine

December 20, 2018


The rocker arrived and they love it, sending a picture of our daughter rocking!

Their baby is due on March 8 and I’m excited to rock him or her myself.

Merry Christmas!


San Antonio, Texas

November 13, 2018


With the help of this fabulous Weeks Rocker, I was able to get this child to go to sleep…



Blanco, Texas

November 04, 2018

Gary and Autumn,

Very pleased to present your rocker to my daughter expecting twins. She kept commenting on the comfort and craftsmanship of the rocker. I was proud to have found such a nice piece.


Clovis, California

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