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June 05, 2019

Gary, D. loves the rocking chair and she said to tell you that it has really helped her back! Another pleased and satisfied customer.

C. B.

Iredell, Texas

September 27, 2019

I just got my cherry rocker, it arrived in perfect shape and I love it.

And I also like the art work inside the box…Niko, the unicorn with wings and some other pretty stuff.

You guys did great.

Ludington, Michigan

Ludington, Michigan

April 03, 2019

The footstool arrived in great shape. We love it and all the items you have made for us.
As we say in the Navy, “Bravo Zulu” (well done).

Thank you,

K. & B.G.
Redding, California

Redding, California

April 04, 2019

April 4, 2019

Wow!! You guys are craftsmen of the highest order.

I love our new rockers. The little frog is great, and I just know my wife will be surprised when she discovers it (I'm not going to tell her--lets see you long it takes).

The felt on the bottom of the rockers is a nice touch that I had not anticipated. Wonderful job crating and packaging--they were in perfect condition. Mainfreight was good: helped me unpack, inspect, and actually try out a live-seat exercise. The driver told me he might be calling you to get one for himself!!

Be well


Charlotte, North Carolina

April 05, 2019

Hi Gary!

Thank YOU! My only complaint: my cats love your chairs as much as I do so I had to have a stare-down with one of the furballs this morning before I could sit down with my coffee :)

This outdoor rocker is everything I expected and worth every cent. Also cat-approved. Can't ask for more than that.

Have a great weekend -- and thanks to Austin and Autumn for their part as well!

Fort Myers, Florida

Fort Myers, Florida

April 05, 2019

Hello Gary!

Better get to work on the next one!

Ha! We are taking bets on if our next rocker will be for our 30th Anniversary or for one of our kids for the birth of their first child! Time will tell.

We love our rockers. Wish we could find some time to sit and rock a while.



Keller, Texas

Keller, Texas

June 18, 2019

Hi Gary and your amazing team!!

The rocker has arrived and it is stunning. Dr. M., who is retiring, is out so we’ve only opened the top to sneak a peek! The shipping container is in wonderful shape so all is well!

Thank you again so much for knocking it out of the park!! We are so grateful for you, your team and the fabulous craftsmanship!!

In gratitude!


St. Cloud, Minnesota

June 07, 2019

Mr. Weeks,

It was delivered. And it looks great! Very comfortable for the both of us and well look forward to using it for a long time. Just something to keep you informed about though, the shipper didn't get in touch with me until the day of delivery ..., but it happened to work out really well as I was home due to a rare work schedule change... again, worked out great for us and very happy with your company and service. Have a great day.


Springlake, New York

June 07, 2019

It’s just beautiful. Smooth and comfy. She loves it. Knew this was gonna be good but just wanted to let you know all went well, it was delivered this morning and looks perfect. I appreciate all you have done to make this happen.

M. K.

Johnson City, New York

June 13, 2019

The "glorious" mahogany rocker and footstool arrived this morning. I want you and the rest of the "team" to know that I could not have given myself a better 72nd birthday present! These are truly amazing and functional pieces of art. Thank you all for bringing me such joy!


Camarillo, California

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