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September 03, 2020

Hi Gary,

The rocker arrived Monday and I have it all set up in the nursery. It's so lovely and comfortable, thank you so much! I know we'll treasure it for many years.


Baltimore, Maryland

September 01, 2020

Hi Gary,
I'm so grateful for the hard work you and the team put into this chair- I can really feel it! I'm very happy to have a chair like the one my parents have back in Texas, it's like carrying a little piece of Texas with me here on the East Coast, which is wonderful. Wishing you and yours the best!


Cambridge, Massachusetts

August 04, 2020

Hi Gary,

We have a profound appreciation for the artistry that goes into the design and construction of your pieces. Your rocking chair brings a smile to my face every time I look at it. Our house has several family antique pieces from the 18th and 19th centuries, and I feel confident that your pieces will be part of the cherished family heirlooms we pass along to future generations.


Pasadena, California

December 24, 2019

Hi Gary,

Thank you so much for the heartwarming message. We love the chair already and have both already dozed off in it. We will be sure to send you some photos and a testimonial once our little guy is here. We wanted something that we could pass on to future generations and I'm sure he'll love the chair as much as we do.

Happy holidays to you, your family, and everyone else at the company.

Thank you again,

L. T.

Brooklyn, New York

September 14, 2019

Gary, Yes the rocker arrived in great condition and E. and N. and their five month-old son love it. This will likely be a family heirloom. Thank you and your team.-J

Indianapolis, Indiana

May 13, 2019


I want to let you know that the rocker arrived on Thursday in great condition and to thank the Gary Weeks Company for making such a fine piece of furniture, the craftsmanship is superb! The rocker is not only comfortable it is also a functional piece of art that will be handed down in my family for generations.

It was a true pleasure doing business with you and the Gary Weeks Company. You were helpful, gracious and you worked with me to take all the guess work out of buying the rocker both online and over the phone. It’s rare in this day and age to find a combination of a superior product, artisan workmanship and outstanding customer support!

My sincere thanks,


Imperial, MO

April 18, 2019

Hi Gary!

I have been meaning to write to you since the chair arrived on Tuesday. My daughter-in-law texted me that it had arrived, and according to her text, she said "It's stunning! We love it and can't wait to use it!". My son also called and said "It's gorgeous! We love it soo much! I can't wait to test drive it with the little one when she arrives! Now all we need is the baby! And we love the "M" as well. It's a nice touch." Then he sent me a picture of it and it really is gorgeous. Thank you for all you did to make such a wonderful keepsake for my son and daughter-in-law. I still use the rocker my mother gave me when he was born 30 years ago, and it was factory-made and wasn't even as nice as the one you made! I know it will be a treasured heirloom for them. I will be sure to spread the word!


Fayetteville, New York

April 18, 2019

We absolutely love the rocking chair and are thrilled to pass it down for generations to come! We certainly agree that it is a precious family heirloom :)

Thank you for the amazing craftsmanship and excellent customer service.



St. Louis, Missouri

January 22, 2019

We received our maple armchair and footstool in perfect condition even though the temp was 10 below zero. The thoughtful design and beautiful craftsmanship make these two more heirlooms for our family. Thanks!


Fort Wayne, Indiana

December 22, 2018

Dear Gary Weeks,

About 25-30 years ago I ordered a walnut rocking chair from you and asked you to put the AA circle with triangle on the headrest. After receiving it I wrote to you then about the quality of your work as I have been a woodworker and wood turner for years.

I am still excited about the beauty and servicablility of my Gary Weeks walnut rocker. The patina is just luscious!

Thanks again!


Omaha, Nebraska

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