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February 20, 2016

We love it. It is handsome, and more importantly, it's comfortable for each of us. Good work! Artful and magically ergonomic.

B. & C.

Kansas City, MO

February 18, 2016

Hi Becca,

We have received the lovely rocking chairs and their playhouse-sized boxes, so all are happy at our house. I wonder if you have considered the marital consequences of making such great chairs — The night they arrived, the Husband and I were sitting in them long after bedtime, talking and reading into the wee hours, so comfortable that we lost track of time.

They are just right. Thank you very much.


Norfolk, VA

February 16, 2016

Dear Gary,

Thanks for your kind note.

Yes, I was sorry not to be able to tag along for the pickup. My work schedule and a vehicular breakdown required me to stay in Austin.

As to the chairs, they are a delight. I'm sitting in one of the new ones right now. And as I mentioned, I've parked my tush in many different chairs over my writing career and your arm chair is simply the best.

Warm regards,

Austin, TX

February 03, 2016


The shipment arrived yesterday as expected along with your note. I'm sure the chair will be a big hit ! Bill W. and I couldn't wait until the event. We had to open the carton yesterday behind closed doors and take a look (and sit) and then repack it carefully to go to the convention center.

I think David will be blown away with the quality and the personalization plaque. The box is creating a lot of curiosity around here . . . should be fun tomorrow night.

So glad you could pull this off for us. Thanks so much, Becca.
(Tell the kids we really liked their drawings, too. So fun.)


Geneseo, IL

January 11, 2016

Gary — the rockers arrived safe and sound and look fantastic. They have surpassed our expectations! I will send you some pictures when the weather is a little better.

Many thanks.


Garrison, NY

January 19, 2016

Hi Becca,

Thanks for checking in with me! Yes, there was a slight delay as I was not home the first time Fedex tried to make the delivery and therefore I asked them to transfer and hold the stools at a local site for pickup. I have the stools now, and I could not be happier with them! They are absolutely beautiful. I feel so lucky to have such a finely crafted functional piece in my home. Thanks to everyone at the company.


Cupertino, CA

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