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August 15, 2016


Yes, the rockers and accessories were delivered. We're soooo pleased; they're better than we imagined!

We've already decided to pass them on to our kids when they have children . . . then we'll purchase more. Please keep building!

Thank you,
K. & J.

Mount Airy, Maryland

August 15, 2016

Hi Gary,

I was just cleaning out my email and found this from you, coming up on 10 years ago! We still love the rocker and I enjoy and admire it on a daily basis. Thank you so much for what you do!


Brooklyn, New York

August 15, 2016


Yes, we received the box decorated by a grand daughter (I presume) containing a remarkable creation . . .

We had you ship the cherry rocker to us in KS, as we plan to carry it with us as we travel next week to NY for a family gathering with J and S (the recipient). This will afford us the luxury of watching their response to its arrival in their lives in person.

And, that will be a delight!! The decorated box will be opened to a marvelous creation. Well conceived, the execution was flawless with a reverence for the material. The idea of the many days of sun and rain and snow in the growing of a tree(s) to produce the wood that your capable hands crafted into an instrument (a thing of beauty in itself) that S. will slowly introduce another being into the rhythms of existence in . . . let the music ebb and flow . . .

So, though I took a week to acknowledge my reaction to your work in hopes of getting the words right, it boils down to a simple Thank You. My admiration and respect to you and your son and your crew for sharing beauty with us and those who follow us.

Till then . . . may the gods grace you all with health and well being


Manhattan, Kansas

August 08, 2016

Dear Gary (and team)

I absolutely love the chair. Somehow my favorite little touch is the way my hands fit around the ends of the armrests, I know you sloped it there and I really like what you did. And everything else is fantastic. One of my best purchases ever.


Berwyn, Illinois

July 14, 2016


Yes the chair and foot rest stool arrived last Thursday. Everything looks great! I appreciate you figuring out a way to sand blast the "Z..." sign design onto the chair. The quality of your work is impressive.
Thank you.


Papillion, Nebraska

July 25, 2016

Dear Gary,

My apologies for not writing sooner. Yes, they arrived and are beautiful!

They complement our new kitchen perfectly. I especially enjoy the offset footrests, my husband is 6'5" and uses the lower one, while I am 5'3" and use the higher one. Such a thoughtful design detail. Thank you for your excellent craftsmanship. A few action shots for you and your team . . . as you can see, they also work as cat beds.

Take care, and thanks again,

Lake Forest Park, WA

June 28, 2016

We received the barstools this morning. They are truly works of art. We will be enjoying them for many years.


Scarsdale, NY

June 27, 2016


I am refinishing my mahogany rocker, I purchased from you in 2007, and have a question about what type of Penofin Penetrating Oil you normally use on mahogany. There are quite a few choices and I want to make sure I get the right one.

My chair has served me well, it has been outside on my covered porch since I brought it home and I sit in it almost everyday. It is still the most comfortable wooden rocker I have ever found. After cleaning it, it looks almost brand new, except for the "character" my dog chewed on the ends of the bottom of the rocker.

Your assistance and the quality craftsmanship is appreciated!


Katy, TX

June 14, 2016


It did! The pieces are beautiful, and we couldn't be happier.

We very much appreciate all of the care taken to craft and deliver the furniture. We will certainly be recommending the work most highly. Thank you!


Newcastle, WA

June 06, 2016

Gary, Austin and others:

First above anything else, thank you so much from the M. family for providing what has to be the most comfortable and relaxing chair in our entire house. Not a day goes by where we don't admire its beauty or sit in its welcoming form. Upon its arrival, I claimed it as my primary chair in the house. Upon the birth of our daughter, mom has summarily displaced me from this fictitious right and uses it every day for nursing, comforting as well as some well deserved napping. Each person that puts eyes on it for the first time is really quite taken with its beauty and craftsmanship. We couldn't be more happy with having this chair in our house and as part of our family. It will truly last a lifetime and beyond and I couldn't be more proud to pass this piece along to the future M. generation.

Thanks again for providing such a wonderful piece. We absolutely love it.
D. & T.

Houston, TX

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