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July 19, 2022

Both rockers were received. They were sent to two colleagues who retired and both were very pleased with the quality and thoughtfulness of the gift.

This is the second time I have placed an order with you and once again your communication and craftsmanship was outstanding!

Thank you.

Alpharetta, Georgia

July 17, 2022

Dear Mr. Weeks,

Yes, the chair arrived safely a little more than a week ago. I was surprised how light it was and how sturdy. It is beautiful and perfect for the setting in our chapel.

I am very grateful for your craftsmanship and for you allowing me to request the changes to the length of the arms.


Arroyo Grande, California

June 22, 2022


So far we are very pleased with chair. So pleased I think another one is in our near future! We really enjoyed meeting Autumn and you and touring your shop. Everything and everyone is first class. We’ll stay in touch. Thank you for the nice note, as well.

All the best,
C. and E.

Salado, Texas

June 21, 2022

Hi Gary,

Thanks for the email.

The rocking chair made it safe and sound to our home.

All of the family have been sitting in it, enjoying it and commenting how comfortable and beautiful it is.


Pflugerville, Texas

June 06, 2022

Gary Week’s rocker is absolutely the most comfortable rocker around, as this is the last place I sit before climbing into bed. Often I doze off, rocking away.

I own many rocking chairs—from antique mission rockers and caned seated ones to creaky, old wooden ones. I also have rocking chairs on both outside patios—vintage metal rocking chairs that I restored and the polywood rockers. I have a total of 10 rocking chairs dotted in my home or outside areas. If there is a rocking chair in a room, that’s where I want to sit.

With that said, my husband and I recently retired. We wanted chairs in our TV room that were super comfortable and were pleasing to the eye. All I wanted was a rocking chair. My husband googled “best rocking chairs.” We found Gary Weeks. His shop is located in Texas. I am in Philadelphia. I was concerned about purchasing a piece of furniture without sitting in it or even seeing it. I called the shop. Gary immediately called me back. I shared my concerns. He assured me that if I was not totally satisfied with the rocker, he would pay for shipping back and give me a total refund, including the initial shipping cost. So, I thought this could work.

The wood Gary uses is stunning. It is as if sunshine is in the room at all times. The craftsmanship is incredible. I have arthritis in my shoulder. The armrests are perfectly aligned with your spine. I feel no pain or discomfort while sitting in this chair. The back is amazing for lumbar support. If you watch Gary Weeks’s video on his website, it discusses all the comfort points. This was what sold me initially. And, the promises he makes are real. It is the most comfortable chair —hands down—around. It is a piece of art. It is designed to support your body’s structure. As I said in the beginning of this review, Gary Weeks’s rocking chair is the last place I sit before climbing into my bed. It lulls me to sleep. You will not be disappointed.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

May 26, 2022

Hi Austin,
We LOVE the rocking chair. It arrived safely to my MIL.’s house in Virginia. She’s afraid to have it downstairs because she says it’s the nicest piece of furniture in her house. But I think she’ll get used to it! Here's photo of grandma and baby. It also suits my husband and his 6’5” height. .... Thanks again! We just adore the chair.

Richmond, Virginia

May 06, 2022

Hi Gary,
... My wife loves the footstool as well as the rocker. When she’s just looking to relax, that’s the chair she goes to. Having the stool allows her to put her feet up so now we have the complete package. The craftsmanship was again first rate. I do love the feel as well as the design of the furniture.
Thanks for these wonderful gifts I was able to give to my wife.

McGaheysville, Virginia

May 05, 2022

Dear Gary, we’re throughly enjoying rocking in our mahogany porch rockers. They are an absolute dream.
Thank you,

Haiku, Hawaii

April 26, 2022

Gary -

It has been our pleasure to work with your company. The new desk looks great and I am excited to have it. It is fun to see it on your website. Austin was great to work with on designing the desk.

...I appreciate the craftsmanship of Gary Weeks & Company.

Regards - P.

Austin, Texas

April 25, 2022

Hi Gary,
Thanks for reaching out. I’m pretty sure it would be pointless to tell you that I like the barstools very much, and that they have exceeded my expectations, yada yada yada. Of course, you know that already. I’ve been admiring them for years at my mother’s house to the extent that I had to have some for myself.
I am impressed nevertheless. If I had to guess, and merely by observation, I’d probably say that these fell out of a CNC machine before they were assembled. That must be your secret.
I hope we do get the chance to work on another project some day.

Reno, Nevada

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