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February 13, 2023

Good morning, a note of thanks for my maple rocker. It’s better today than new. Love it.Continued success and good health.
R. W.

Hillsborough, North Carolina

January 29, 2023

Hi Gary,
Thank you to you and to your team for the chair. It makes a stunning centerpiece in the nursery.
S. and A.

Brooklyn, New York

January 26, 2023

Gary, we truly love the walnut rocker and are looking forward to rocking our babies in it in the years to come. Thanks so much for reaching out!
Best, M.

Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

January 25, 2023

My parents were blown away by the first one. 2 days after Christmas my Dad texted me "we can't stop staring at the rocker" lol.


Dallas, Texas

January 20, 2023

Hi Austin - just a quick update to say the rocking chair has arrived and I love it! All went smoothly with the delivery as planned. The chair itself was lighter than I'd expected, and once we had it out of the crate it was easy to transport up to my suite. I also appreciate that most of your your shipping material can be recycled.
Thank you for making this beautiful and comfortable chair. The quality of the wood and the workmanship is impeccable. Thank you also for your support throughout the process of cross-border shipping.
With very best wishes,

Vancouver, British Columbia

December 19, 2022

Folks....received my new rocker and it is everything that was advertised...wonderful product! Anticipate purchasing another one (maple this time) soon.

Happy Holidays from a satisfied customer!

Best, G.

Hayward, California

December 14, 2022

Thank you very much for your MOST EXCELLENT rocking chair. S. and I both love it. [S. smiles every time she sits in it.] It is the very best rocker either one of us have ever sat in, let alone owned.
It is sitting by our southern windows with views out toward Ponderosa Pine trees, Elms, Cottonwoods, and right now, alongside a potted Poinsettia.
Thank you again.
Merry Christmas to you and your Crew.

Prescott, Arizona

December 14, 2022

To all at Gary Weeks & Company,

I want to tell you AGAIN how much I love the rocking chair I purchased ten years ago. It still lives here in Montpelier, Vermont without a creak, the discrete number of nicks and scratches reminding me of the last ten years of my life. Thank you to all who had a hand in making such a treasure.

D. R.

Montpelier, Vermont

November 24, 2022

Nov 24, 2022

Gary and co....THANKS.
Having gone thru several local high end stores sitting in all they had that looked as if I could tolerate it in the house, when I first
sat in my new cherry rocker, so scant and unbulky and beautiful....amazing. And yes, last nite after couple hours on that beautiful
hardwood my bony bottom was beginning to want some pad… Anyway, you have my gratitude and admiration in full. What a joy to deal with
a craftsman and his family. Am a retired eng. and kinda putter around wood lover and builder of my simple oak desk now holding my laptop.
Believe I can fully appreciate the skill, love and care that went into every aspect, not the least of which is your incredible box and packing.

The only chair I considered at the high end store was a stressless from Sweden or Denmark. It cost 500 more than my chair from you. I asked
the very nice saleswoman "is this like the car dealer, when I leave the shop with the chair there is no option to return? She said that is correct" I said "why
would I risk nearly 3000 to try that??

Anyway, am interested in your pad you are working on, because I KNOW it will work with your are that kind of guy.

ps Son visiting here is a structural engineer. He is very impressed, and found it comfy

Best, and have a blessed Thanksgiving


Escondido, California

November 04, 2022

Hi Autumn,
I’m so glad you got the check! And yes, I received the stool yesterday. It’s absolutely beautiful paired with the rocker, of course—I’ve attached a picture. I also included a photo that hangs on the wall behind it—it’s of the rocker with me and my daughter, for whose birth the rocker was a gift back in 2003. She’s in college now!
Thanks again for such quality work, and wonderful customer service. I hope to work with you again in the future.

Brooktondale, New York

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