Comments from our Patrons

March 18, 2022

Hi Gary,
My son said they absolutely love the rocker! Thanks so very much for everything.

Modesto, California

March 11, 2022

Thanks Gary the chair arrived just a while ago. It's fantastic and we are glad to be customers of yours…

Quincy, Florida

March 09, 2022

Thanks, Gary. The chair’s just gorgeous. I haven’t felt this good since ...
With gratitude,

Los Angeles, California

February 26, 2022

Good Morning, Gary and All,
Yes, it arrived safe and sound--and has been put too much good use! Thank you for checking in and you and your family's gift of transforming wood-into-furniture is equally appreciated.
Thank you,

Dallas, Texas

February 22, 2022

Gary, I’m glad you got my note, and now can sleep, knowing the rocker was safely (and most gratefully) received. As for ordering an unseen chair from unknown people, I will say this. I pride myself on being a pretty good judge of people and their character. Occasionally, I’m wrong. But somehow, this time, ordering from you (and after speaking on the phone with Austin) I knew I was ordering from good and gracious people. Thank you for proving me right. I’m happy to sing the praises of both you and your handiwork any way I can. You’re welcome to quote me on anything I’ve said. I’m writing this note while rocking in my rocker. It is such a pleasure.All the best,S.

Carmel Valley, California

February 17, 2022

Dear Gary and Austin,

Well, it seems like an eternity, but today was finally the day. The rocker arrived a bit tired from its travels, but no worse for wear - ...

It is truly a thing of beauty. I'm particularly enamored with the figure in the back splats.

Thank you both for the amazing work that you continue to do, and thanks especially for putting up with all the hassle of shipping this treasure so far from home.

Sincerest and kindest regards,

Morettes, Parana, Brazil

February 17, 2022

Gary,Your gorgeous rocker arrived today on my 74th birthday. I absolutely love it. Haven’t been this comfortable sitting since I can’t remember when. Thank you so much. …

All the best to you and Austin, all your family and employees.


Carmel Valley, California

February 10, 2022

And it is truly stunning. We look forward to many years of enjoyment. And we thank you and your colleagues for such wonderful craftsmanship.


Dover, Massachusetts

February 07, 2022


We just love your rockers! Our family and friends who visit our home... love them too...
You are absolutely doing things right - most comfortable and great looking rocking chair anywhere!

Thanks for all -


San Antonio, Texas

February 02, 2022

Delivery: Great service
Chair: In perfect condition
Chair: Awesomely beautiful
Chair: Such a comfortable sit


Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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