Shop Log

Laminating an Elliptical Curved Apron

Making curved aprons, we saw strips on the tablesaw, 5/32” thick by 3” high.  We true the thickness and smooth the surface of these strips on the widebelt sander, finishing at 1/8” thick.  We bolted the form  (described in the previous post) to a 3/4” plywood backer and glued seven  of these walnut strips to it.

gluing up an elliptical table apron
laminating a curved table apron

We unbolt the form from the backer, wash the glue, and leave it overnight.  Next morning, it was pretty in the early morning, door light.

elliptical apron clamped to form

We have found that 1/8” strips glued this way, in the curves we are likely to use, do not spring back much when unclamped.  In the photo below, the apron is against the form on the side out of the frame.  Total springback was less than 1/2”.  The apron can be pushed back true with not much more than a breath.

elliptical apron spring back from laminating form