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a rebuilt and customized Beech stroke sander

The Stroke Sander Part Two

Posted Mar 02, 2018

We restored and rebuilt a vintage Beech stroke sander.

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Aaron stroke sanding a table top

The Stroke Sander Part One

Posted Aug 15, 2017

A stroke sander is a fine way to make a table top flat.

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Austin fitting air compressor pipe 1

Plumbing in the Woodshop

Posted Aug 27, 2013

We cut, thread, and fit pipe for our compressed air utility.

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Will cutting tenons on dining chair front legs

Cutting Round Tenons on Chair Legs

Posted Apr 23, 2013

We cut round tenons on a modified boring machine.

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locating air compressor in the building location 2

Compressed Air Utility

Posted Feb 25, 2013

We installed a large compressor to drive air sanders.

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Gary reworking table saw trunion

Modifying the Crosscut Saw

Posted Mar 03, 2012

We tailor our machines to the tasks.

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chair leg recess for felt glide

A Boring Machine for Recessing Chair Glides

Posted Feb 01, 2012

We built a machine to bore a recess for chair glide felt.

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18 414

Sharpening the Turning Tools

Posted Dec 16, 2011

We turn parts by hand at the lathe. The tools must be sharp.

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Austin At Edge Sander Wp

Sculpting Rocking Chair Backlegs and Arms at the Edge Sander

Posted Aug 08, 2011

We shape parts on a sander we built.

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dining chair front legs showing tenons

Producing tenons on dining chair front legs

Posted Apr 09, 2011

We make round, through tenons and wedge them.

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