Shop Log

Maintaining the Rocker on the Porch

We placed a mahogany porch rocker on the porch of the showroom in 2004. This is how it looked (a re-enactment).

new rocker on the showroom porch

This is how it looked in August of 2018.

14 year old rocker on the showroom porch

People who have walked by this chair and comment say that they have liked the look of the weathering.

The porch rocker faces west into Texas sunsets. Rain blows in on it. We occasionally wipe it off.

In the photo below, taken in August, 2014, when the chair had 10 years, we have wiped off the seat. You can see the gray-brown weathering in the chair back and the effect of wiping it down with water in the seat.

10 year old rocker, weathered

We washed it with soap and water and let it dry.

10 year old rocker, washed

We oiled it.

Gary oiling porch rocker
porch rocker renewed

Our experience suggests this for maintenance:

  • Wipe the chair with damp cloth when you think it needs it. Maybe once a year.
  • Wash the chair and wipe some porch deck oil on it when you want to bring it back to red brown. Maybe after 7-10 years.
  • Sit in it.