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dining chair front legs showing tenons

Producing tenons on dining chair front legs

Posted Apr 09, 2011

We make round, through tenons and wedge them.

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Jointing plank

Joining, Leveling, and Completing the Top

Posted Mar 31, 2011

It is not easy to make a tight glue joint in large heavy timber.

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Assembled trestle wp

Building the Trestle

Posted Mar 28, 2011

We built a heavy duty trestle.

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Austin handplaning large mahogany table top

Rough Planing the Mahogany Tabletop

Posted Mar 27, 2011

We had to make and use a scrub plane to flatten and true these large mahogany boards by hand.

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unloading mahogany for a custom trestle table

Starting a Custom Mahogany Table

Posted Mar 26, 2011

Magnificent lumber arrived for a large trestle table.

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IP 481 C

Otwell Side Tables

Posted Mar 25, 2011

We are building Otwell side tables. These small tables are usually ordered as accessories for our rocking chairs.

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