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Christian Boisseau Wp

A Fine Woodworker in France

Posted Nov 01, 2013

We were welcomed by Christian Boisseau.

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greeting card with rocking chair

Copyrights to Photos of Furniture

Posted Sep 26, 2013

A photo of our rocking chair appeared on the card rack at Target.

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Austin fitting air compressor pipe 1

Plumbing in the Woodshop

Posted Aug 27, 2013

We cut, thread, and fit pipe for our compressed air utility.

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plywood edgebanding and sanding

Edge Banding Plywood

Posted Jul 08, 2013

When we use plywood, we securely band the edges.

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cutting tenons with jig at the table saw

The Tenoning Jig

Posted Jun 23, 2013

We cut the cheeks for tenons on the table saw with a Delta tenoning jig.

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office desk design drawings

A New Office Desk

Posted May 29, 2013

We designed a built a desk. We'll build some more of these.

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Will cutting tenons on dining chair front legs

Cutting Round Tenons on Chair Legs

Posted Apr 23, 2013

We cut round tenons on a modified boring machine.

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Photographing Furniture 3 Wp

Photographing Furniture on a Backdrop

Posted Mar 25, 2013

We photograph our furniture. Maybe we'll eventually learn how to do it.

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locating air compressor in the building location 2

Compressed Air Utility

Posted Feb 25, 2013

We installed a large compressor to drive air sanders.

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Bela carving a star

Bela Weeks' First Carving

Posted Feb 11, 2013

Bela Weeks carved a star at the company bench.

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