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November 27, 2018

Thank you so much for your kind comments! You know we love our rocker and stool and we just wanted you to know, you make a difference in our lives. That rocker has two new puppies playing around it! I’ve moved it back to the bedroom until they get out of the chewing phase!

Warm Regards, And have a Merry Christmas!

R. & D.W.

Payson, Arizona

November 14, 2018

The rocking chair and stool were delivered yesterday evening. They look great!


Atlanta, Georgia

October 15, 2018

Hi Gary and Autumn -

I wanted to tell you how beautiful and stunning your cherry footstool is! Wow!
I use it back and forth with a large maple chair that was my dad's and a newer Ethan Allen chair I gave my mom when she turned 90!
It is the perfect size and color. Sometimes I sit on it in the mornings to put my shoes on before I go to work! So glad I found you!
Again - such a beautiful piece of furniture!
Many thanks,

J. in Virginia W.

Walls Church, Virginia

September 20, 2018

Thanks, Gary. I enjoy this chair and footstool more every day. What a simple, well-made pleasure!


Austin, Texas

September 05, 2018


I got your stool late last week and just wanted to say thank you again. It is beautiful and the wife loves it. If you’re ever in College Station let me know and I’ll meet you at the Chicken for a round of 42.



College Station, Texas

August 19, 2018

Solid pick on the footstool! The grain on it is really cool, and I like how the “swirl” pattern was laid out.


Galena, Illinois

August 14, 2018

Gary and all of your helpers,

Thank you for the beautiful rocking chair and footstool. It is gorgeous and very comfortable. Oh so lovely.

Thank you,


Albuquerque, New Mexico

November 04, 2017

Thanks Gary,
I received the footstool in perfect condition and it is a beauty. Such a wonderful addition to my rocking chair and side-table and when I am not using it my grandkids make it a perfect perch to listen in to the grown-ups. Couldn't be happier with this comfortable set.

Warm regards,

San Jose, California

October 10, 2017

I received the footstool today, beautiful! Thank you!


San Jose, California

April 30, 2017


The newly arrived Otwell side table is now along side my Weeks Rocker and Harris Stool — three well used, exquisite pieces of furniture that I will cherish forever!

C. F.

Abbeville, South Carolina

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