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June 15, 1996


The chair was incredibly well received. L. and B. absolutely loved it and all the wedding guests were so impressed by its beauty and comfort.

L. just told me that everyone who comes in their house is drawn to it. Thanks for providing the perfect wedding gift.


Dripping Springs, Texas

January 25, 1996

Dear Gary,

Christmas surprise was a tremendous success, and grandpa and H. are already enjoying it together. T. was 100% delighted and has proudly shown it to all our friends. My 87 year old mother settled into it Christmas afternoon, much to his dismay — it truly is amazing how comfortable it is to all shapes and sizes!


Paradise Valley, Arizona

May 05, 1992

Dear Leslie and Gary,

B. drove over 400 miles today to surprise me with your chair #6. I wish you could have seen the look on my face when I walked in the house!

The rocking chair is a perfect blend of art and engineering. It is absolutely wonderful! We've placed it by the fireplace where it belongs.

You've created a family heirloom — a real treasure. Thank you sincerely for using your talent in such a lovely way.


Plano, Texas

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