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November 04, 2022

Hi Autumn,
I’m so glad you got the check! And yes, I received the stool yesterday. It’s absolutely beautiful paired with the rocker, of course—I’ve attached a picture. I also included a photo that hangs on the wall behind it—it’s of the rocker with me and my daughter, for whose birth the rocker was a gift back in 2003. She’s in college now!
Thanks again for such quality work, and wonderful customer service. I hope to work with you again in the future.

Brooktondale, New York

October 17, 2022

Got it! Thanks. Very comfy and good for reading and contemplating my existence. Love the chair!

Tuscon, Arizona

October 14, 2022

Nineteen years ago, I received a cherry Weeks Rocker as a gift when my youngest was born. Unsurprisingly, it has become my most cherished piece of furniture, and the one most admired by others who visit my home. I have long wanted to add a matching footstool to it, and the time has come!
Kind regards, L.

Brooktondale, New York

October 03, 2022

Austin,I’m truly sorry for not sending my appreciation for all the beautiful chairs, and going the extra miles in making everything special for the recipients. Everyone was deeply pleased and awed by your workmanship.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for every moment you spent making these special! Also, please send my gratitude to your father who gave so many years and hours in preparing the way for our special gifts. We are all thankful to both of you.

Livingston, Texas

September 28, 2022

I received my rocker In wonderful condition yesterday. It looks fantastic and is very comfortable. Thank you very much.

Bellingham, Washington

August 26, 2022

We received our 2 porch rocking chairs this morning.
Comment one: ‘ AHHHHHHhhhhhh!’
Comment two: ‘Dang. WOW. Smooth to the touch.’
Final Comment: ‘Thank you!’


Nokomis, Florida

August 15, 2022

This popped up on my Facebook memories yesterday and thought I’d share. 8 years and we are still in love with this chair. There’s not been a person who’s visited our home who hasn’t commented on its beauty and comfort. I think if our house were on fire, we might grab the chair before the dog. Well, we’d throw the dog on the chair and rescue them at the same time!!


Springdale, Arkansas

August 02, 2022


My rocker stool and side table just got unpacked. Of course the packing was bombproof. But easy to take off.

The furniture could not be more beautiful. It’s everything I had hoped…

Thanks again, and please pass on to everyone how pleased I am with their work…

Very best

Another thought on the furniture.

Some furniture is pretty…… but not comfortable. Others ugly, but comfy.

After spending much time looking at, touching and rocking I am reminded of a quote by a very well thought of marine architect, Chuck Paine, when describing Nathaniel Herreshoff’s daysailer design the 12 1/2. He said “ It is the perfect small boat, and cannot be improved in any way.” The rocker, table, and stool cannot be improved.

Another little term I learned in Maine when one refers to something that is “ just right” is “Yare”. Your work is just that.

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

July 24, 2022


...But I'm really writing because I feel guilty of how I took advantage of you over the deal I made for your rocker. I can't impress on you enough the enjoyment that cherry rocker has given G. and I over the years. We have a rather large room that serves as our dinning room and living room. And right smack dab in the middle is your rocker. You can sit in it and face our wood burning furnace or swivel it to the left and be in the middle of our living/tv room or swivel to the right and you're in our dinning area looking out our big picture window. We literally argue over whose turn it is to sit in it. G. has a bad back and it is the only chair that gives her comfort--so she uses it most. It's such a beautiful chair. In my mind, a real masterpiece. I admire it all the time--the balanced wood selection is superb--and at times, when the light hits it just right the colors and grains are just fantastic. But it's the lines I like the best. All the subtleties of design and the way it all comes together. It's a beautiful, beautiful rocker and I thank you so much for your generosity in allowing me to own it. It's by far our most treasured possession.

You both are truly blessed with not only what you've accomplished thru your creativity and hard work but with your extended family. I hope all is well.

Your fan,


PS--don't forget to move our pin from Fredericksburg to Poland.


July 19, 2022

Both rockers were received. They were sent to two colleagues who retired and both were very pleased with the quality and thoughtfulness of the gift.

This is the second time I have placed an order with you and once again your communication and craftsmanship was outstanding!

Thank you.

Alpharetta, Georgia

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