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October 02, 2017

Dear Gary,

Among my values are, "A thing should always be what it's supposed to be" and "Make it a great example of what it is." In the case of this beautiful Weeks Rocker in mesquite wood, you have done it all.

It's supposed to be the world's best rocker and, after a day with it, I'm convinced it is. That it's the best example of a rocker I've ever seen was immediately self-evident.

To this, however, you added the one element that makes it both timeless and priceless to me. You added your personal commitment to excellence, craftsmanship and art. I look at this chair and say to myself, "There's no government on earth that could have done this. Work like this can only be done by individual people who love what they do and are proud of it."

I'm sending along two pictures to illustrate that your customers notice and care about the same details that you care about. You've taken mesquite, hardly known for its symmetry, and added the time and care to create symmetry and a flawless finish from it. This is what transforms it from wood to art and I salute you for embracing the difference.

Only problem is . . . now I want one of everything!

My sincere congratulations to all.

Best regards,

Keswick, Virginia

September 29, 2017

Thanks Gary. Bar stools look great and the side table is perfectly at home next to my rocker. Just sent in pictures for the #3000 drawing. They didn't turn out like I wanted but I'm out of time but maybe lady luck is in my corner. Have a great weekend!


Houston, Texas

September 29, 2017

Mr. Weeks,

The rocker arrived safe and sound. As before, it is extremely comfortable and the workmanship is excellent.


York, Pennsylvania

September 28, 2017

Hello Weeks family,

Today is Sept 28 Friday. My rocker arrived in perfect condition yesterday. It is beautiful — just a work of art.

Thank you so much,

Jacksonville, Florida

September 18, 2017

Hello Gary (and company!),

My curly cherry rocker, footstool, and side table arrived a bit earlier and we just finished unpacking everything. Every piece is in perfect condition (kudos to your packers!) and — just simply — beautiful.

I've started saving for a dining table and chairs!

I love having such amazing functional, comfortable art — thank you, thank you, thank you!


Cape Coral, Florida

September 11, 2017

We received the chair and it is wonderful.


Redmond, Washington

September 11, 2017


Our rocking chair arrived in perfect condition. It is amazingly comfortable for people of all sizes. I was studying it a bit and noticed that there are no straight pieces anywhere — everything is contoured, curved or rounded, which speaks to the amount of time you must spend shaping wood before assembly. And everyone comments on how soft to the touch the finish is. I was also surprised at how little it weighs, considering it is not a small chair. It looks heavy — but it's not. Cool!

We wish you all the satisfaction that comes with knowing you have made someone happy. We love it already — thanks!


Pasadena, California

September 07, 2017


We are already loving them! We are using the two in the temporary apartment, and the other two are safely boxed and awaiting the completion of the new home. I will be sure to send you some pictures once they find their new home near the dining room chairs. We so appreciate the fine work you do and will be proud to have them in our new place. Our door is always open as well!


Austin, Texas

September 07, 2017

Hello Gary,

I just landed in NYC from London to your kind note. Thank you. L. and I enjoyed meeting you and Leslie and our time together with Austin. I wish you could have met my older son Z. who toured the workshop at the start of the process. As a new college freshman pursuing engineering management, he was inspired by the intersection of form and function as well as the aspect of a family business all present in your company. L. has often mentioned the machines he saw which is notable as he is a deep thinker who has an economy with words.

I am thrilled with the chair and it is truly worthy of the occasion which I failed to mention — my 26th wedding anniversary. I have included three pictures below. Austin has a gift for selecting and bringing out the figure and grain and I found the chair to be as comfortable as it is beautiful. It is a fine compliment to my historic desk and a great conversation piece for our new home. I could not be more pleased and it is especially meaningful that this comes from a family in our town. Thanks one and all for all they did to make this heirloom a welcome addition to our family.

PS – please feel to post these photos per your newsletter in the "Patron Photo" section and enter us in the drawing. It was a pleasure to read of your company and milestone. Keep the letters coming. Again, thanks!

Miles Christi sum,

Wimberley, Texas

August 16, 2017

I was away for work and a friend was at the house Monday to sign. So I saw them last night and I love them. They are truly a work of art.

Thank you!


Seattle, Washington

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