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June 17, 2004

Gary —

I am thrilled with the chair! It arrived in perfect condition (not even a mark on the box) and was very easy to unpack. My husband (who is 5'9") and I (at 5'2") have both found the chair to be comfortable as well as beautiful. Thank you!

L. B.

Oakland, California​

February 10, 2004

Hi Gary,

I just had a very exciting morning. The Plycon guys delivered the dining set today, a whole week early! I have to tell you that I am floored with your expert craftsmanship. A huge thank-you to your entire team. I only had a few moments to admire the satin smooth finish and enjoy the heft of the chairs before setting off to work, but dinner tonight will be a treat. I am extremely pleased with the set.

All the pieces were very well protected and everything seemed snugly wrapped. In fact, the delivery guy took quite a few minutes unraveling each piece. I only want to add that the delivery guy did ding one of the arm chairs. After unwrapping the chairs in the truck, he grabbed two chairs and tried to get them into the house all at once. Unfortunately, when he came up the porch steps, one of the chair tops banged into the ceiling overhang of the covered porch. I was rather disappointed with his carelessness, and I just wanted you to be aware of it. I'm not sure if this was an isolated incident with the particular delivery guy, or a mark of company, Plycon. I suggested that he bring in the rest of the pieces one at a time, which he did. Other than that, the delivery went very smoothly.

As for the ding in the chair back, I ran a barely-damp cotton cloth gently over the ding a couple of times, and got the white paint off. Can I use some lemon oil to get the luster back? Or should I hold off, until the chair cures a bit? The ding is very shallow, and about the width of a grain of rice. It isn't particularly noticeable (now that the paint is gone), but I just want to treat it right, and keep it protected.

Let me know what you think.

Thanks for the help,

C.C. (1 happy girl)

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C., I am delighted that you like your furniture and dismayed at the careless delivery. I have a simple repair that you can do to make the chair arm good as new; I just regret that you have to do it.

I am leaving for the day and will send more tomorrow.

Sincerely yours,


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


I hope dinner last night was a treat. Have the dinner party invitations gone out?

Rereading your note, I see that the ding is on the back of an arm chair, rather than the arm of the arm chair. Anyway, I can mail a repair kit to you with instructions, oil, and sandpaper. You can use a clothes iron and a damp cloth to drive steam into the compressed fibers, swelling them back to the surface. The following day, you can lightly sand with a very fine grit and apply a bit of the hand-rubbed oil finish that we use. You will need to lightly sand and re-coat on a subsequent day to get the sheen back. I am upset to put this on your plate, but it is not difficult or very time-consuming. The other options are:

1. Do nothing and consider that the first ding in the Charlene era of this long lasting furniture came too early.

2. Say to me: "Gary, you promised that the furniture would be delivered as new; I am hesitant to make this repair. Will you do it for me?" I will have it brought to me; I will repair it, and return it.

I hope you remain a "happy girl." I will do my part to keep it so.

Sincere thanks and regards,


San Mateo, California

November 13, 2003

Dear Gary,

The chair arrived in perfect condition and we both love it!!

M. & J.W.

Parsippany NJ

October 21, 2003


It's here; it's beautiful; I may never get up. Thanks so much. They delivered it to ND on Monday, but took it to central receiving . . . delivered it this morning, still in the bubble wrap and without a scratch.

I love it. Thanks.


Notre Dame, IN​

September 05, 2003


The table is beautiful. Lot's of work is evident in its making, especially the fine joints. The extra effort carefully packing the table pays off — it arrived in perfect condition, despite a battered crate. I had to bring the table home that same day to show R., not wanting/able to wait for a special occasion.


Pittsburg, PA​

July 23, 2003


Yes, it was delivered yesterday afternoon by Motor Cargo. Everything went fine as far as delivery and condition.

The rocker is wonderful, truly a work of art. And the minute I sat in it, it was comfortable, a perfect fit with everything supported, and a lovely rock. I was delighted with the curve in the arms, the way you can put your elbows off the end of the arm and not have any pressure on the elbow to make your arms "go to sleep". (By design or accident, a great feature).

My husband was also very pleased with the beauty and comfort of the rocker. I suspect we will have to take turns with "my" rocker.

Thank you so much!

Richland, WA​

February 05, 2003


Briefly, the rocker arrived in perfect condition, and the delivery man from Overnite was perhaps the most pleasant and courteous I've come across in years. The crate was a pleasure in itself to "unwrap."

My wife was thrilled with the rocker, and used it last evening to rock (of course!) the baby to sleep. Did I mention that R. and I have a 7 month, and a 23 month old sons? More to follow, we hope. I often comment to those professionals whom I refer business, that when they look good, I look good. Let's say that your rocker made me look really good!

To conclude, the rocker is magnificent.

Best regards,

Pittsburg, PA​

February 04, 2003

Gary . . .

The rocker was great. The party was great. The retiree really liked it. I am getting a photo scanned to send to you so you can see his big smile. Thanks for everything. The shipping was fine, everything arrived ok.


Spokane, Washington​

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