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January 18, 2012

Hey Gary,

Plycon was good like the last time — punctual, professional and personable.

Now on to the buffet — it looks great and I imagine it will function just as well once we put it to use! It really was a must after getting the original table, chairs and corner cabinet. They all are sitting happily together waiting for the next dinner party — or even dinner tonight!

Thanks again for the great work!


Glenmore, Pennsylvania

December 12, 2011

Dear Gary,

The rocker has just arrived as you know by now. For all potential clients, a few words from a skeptical mind: The company is no gimmicks. They ship furniture across the ocean. It arrives when they say it will. And once you have unpacked it, a fine work of art appears. It would be foolish to expect more.

Many thanks again,


August 05, 2009


The rocker, stool and table arrived on Tuesday and we are absolutely delighted with them. M. has always wanted a rocker and never dreamt she would have such a fine rocker as the one you and your team crafted for her.

The whole process, from start to finish, has been a joy and our beautiful furniture will be treasured by the S. family for generations to come. I can’t thank you and your team enough.

As of now the rocker is sat in the living room overlooking the marina and looks unlikely to make it to the nursery — don’t be surprised if you receive another order before very long!

My sincere thanks and very best wishes
Hong Kong, China

ps your packaging is fantastic!

Hong Kong, China

September 23, 2008

Howdy. I phoned Portland Oregon this morning and spoke with the dispatcher. The delivery was made to my farm around two or three pm today. Your packing job and shipping were excellent. The cherry rocking chair purchased as a gift for me is outstanding in every way. I am most appreciative of this wonderful gift, your wonderful workmanship and communications. Boy this is a beautiful and comfortable chair of the highest quality. Lucky, lucky me.


Corvalis, Oregon

September 23, 2007

Hi Gary & Aubrey –

The chair arrived as scheduled on Friday afternoon – it is absolutely beautiful! My husband really loves it. BTW, you do a great job with the packaging. Despite the fact that the carton was fairly beat up & part of the wood frame was broken, the chair was in perfect condition.

Best regards,

C.L. Bethesda Maryland

August 09, 2007

Dear Gary,

Yes, I meant to e-mail you earlier! The chair is fine. I love it. BAX Global was easy to deal with, and they even specified a range of four hours for delivery, which was helpful.

Just so you're informed, there was a small hole in one side of the box, about large enough for a finger, but it was opposite the back of the chair. No problem.

It's really soothing to have the beautiful, comfortable chair and stool.

Thank you.

Oakland, California

January 18, 2007


The rocker was indeed delivered on Monday, Jan 15; apparently it got stuck in Memphis and was not here for Friday the 12th as we had originally hoped, but with the ice storms between you and us, we certainly understood the delay.

The rocker was in great condition; the UPS guy even stuck around to help Richard unscrew the wood frame and remove the rocker from the box because he was so impressed with the solidity of the shipping container and was curious to see what everything looked like inside!

You must use the best corrugated cardboard available; I tried to break down the top portion of the box to put into recycle, and it will take some time to get it into recyclable pieces (our trash company is really picky about the size of items we put out weekly). But the bottom box (the one with the frame on the bottom) is going to be recycled as our 5-year old granddaughter's "mobile home" as she calls it. She was here for the day when the truck came and was ecstatic to have the box to play in! We have moved it to a downstairs room off the walk-out basement until nicer weather prevails — then we will take it outdoors and she can imagine trips to her heart's content.

So then she came indoors, helped take off the bubble wrap, sat in the chair with me to give it a "test drive", and then proceeded to wrap herself in the bubble wrap to make a princess dress for herself. Later this week, we will have the new granddaughter come over so we can all rock her in the chair. It is beautiful and fits well into the space we made for it in the study-TV room.

Thank you for such a lovely product and for the excellent communication you provided regarding shipping, etc. We hope to enjoy this for many years.

R. and L.W.

Maryland Heights, Missouri

October 29, 2006


K. LOVES her rocker. I can't say she has been off her rocker since it got here. This has been the best birthday present I have ever gotten her. OK, she did pick it out and I just ordered it, but WOW, she is happy.

I have to tell you, the picture in the New Yorker doesn't do your work justice. You and your team are truly artists. The chair is beautiful.

By the way, your packaging was ingenious. We especially liked how you only used the foam packaging in the minimum spots you needed since that stuff doesn't recycle well.

Not only did I enjoy talking with you on the phone when I ordered, the whole process start to finish with your wonderful chair up to and including your email below has been great.

Thank you so much. We will gladly be a reference.

Rye, New York

June 30, 2006

Gary —

I meant to e-mail you earlier. The rocker chair arrived about 11:30am with no problems. I had to laugh a bit at the delivery because it was delivered in a full-size semi and when the driver opened up the back to take the chair out, the whole truck was empty except for the one box with the chair. I asked the driver about it and he just said it was a slow day.

Anyway, the chair is beautiful and we are having lots of fun sharing it. I'm sure this will give us many, many years of enjoyment.


Claremont, California

April 06, 2006

The rocking chair did arrive on Tuesday without a problem.

The driver complemented you on how well you packaged the rocking chair.

The rocking chair is magnificent and we are really looking forward to giving it as a shower gift on Saturday.

Our only regret is we have to give it up.

Thank you for wonderful and prompt service. Everything worked out great


Green Bay, Wisconsin

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