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November 01, 2014

G'morning, Gary,

I fought my way into the second [Terrell] table last night, just a little bubble-wrap to clear . . . it's the maple, and it is soooo lovely, the grain is just so deep. They are both just so wonderful, and I'm really glad I got them!

The packing, well, that's star packing, for sure. I have plenty of wrap to send christmas with, and the bulk left over goes to 'Go Postal' our local UPS store or whatever it is. They treasure peanuts and bubble and all, little as possible gets wasted.

Thank you again, I am SO pleased, and I'll be moving them around for a bit deciding who gets what where. :)

with best wishes to all of you,

Creston, North Carolina

August 19, 2014

Austin and Gary,

The tables are great, as expected. Thanks for the original artwork in the packing materials too!


Ames, Iowa

March 07, 2014

You are most welcome. This one will not be coming back!

Chair is wonderful. The sensation of "unloading" the lower back and shoulders is so profound, I zone out a bit. Can read for hours, now.

Shipping crates as well built as the chair, give your team a pat on the back for me.


Menlo Park, California

February 14, 2014

Hey Austin,

We did receive the table and chairs in very good condition. The movers were so careful and mindful of both the delivered items and the walls. They were also very engaging and polite. We absolutely love the pieces. They are flawless and the craftsmanship is amazing. We are still in the process of getting moved and settled but the dining room will be beautiful when finished.

Thanks again for your beautiful work,
M. and T.

Ojai, California

December 24, 2013

Austin –

The rocker arrived safely late this morning [ perfectly packaged! ]. It is even nicer than we imagined and we hope it will be a family heirloom for generations.

Best wishes for the New Year,
D. and L.

Potomac, MD

July 31, 2013

Dear Austin,

We are delighted with the rocking chair.

As it happened the chair shipped the day the baby was born and we were back at home just a few days before it arrived.

Really impressed by the workmanship and attention to detail, also the great simplicity of the piece. And super impressed by the packing for shipment.

Our great thanks. We are very happy to add the chair to our home and to the memories we'll share with our new son.


Klosterneuburg, Austria

December 28, 2012

Gary —

Happy New Year!! The chair is perfect and a huge hit!! It exceeded all expectations.

Looking forward to the stool.

My complements to you shipper too, I was impressed with how well it was packed.

Happy Holidays!

Arlington, Virginia

November 03, 2012

Dear Mr Gary Weeks,

Thank you so much for the beautiful rocking chair made for our son and daughter in law in San Antonio, Texas!

Every part of ordering the rocking chair, from starting the chair order on line to the delivery of the chair could not have gone more smoothly!! Your help is greatly appreciated and your company's service is unmatched by others ! In today's world it is refreshing to work with a company such as yours!

Again, thanks for your expert workmanship, the chair is SO beautiful ! Thanks for your service unmatched by others! Thanks for the extra care I know you took to make sure my order was made perfect and thanks for how delivery people took extra care to deliver chair on time and in perfect condition!


San Antonio, Texas

January 18, 2012

Hey Gary,

Plycon was good like the last time — punctual, professional and personable.

Now on to the buffet — it looks great and I imagine it will function just as well once we put it to use! It really was a must after getting the original table, chairs and corner cabinet. They all are sitting happily together waiting for the next dinner party — or even dinner tonight!

Thanks again for the great work!


Glenmore, Pennsylvania

December 12, 2011

Dear Gary,

The rocker has just arrived as you know by now. For all potential clients, a few words from a skeptical mind: The company is no gimmicks. They ship furniture across the ocean. It arrives when they say it will. And once you have unpacked it, a fine work of art appears. It would be foolish to expect more.

Many thanks again,


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