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September 09, 2005

Hi Gary,

We picked up the rocker last week and it is gorgeous. Sorry we haven't got back to you but we've been in and out of town for a couple of weeks. You definitely know how to ship it and we appreciate your attention to detail in the packing. It was perfect when we got it.

Thanks again,

Salt Lake City, Utah

June 21, 2005


Thanks for your inquiry. The rocker arrived in fine shape last week. It was crated so well, even the truck driver commented: "Gee, I guess that's not the kind of rocker you buy at the Old Country Store." So true.

D. and M. were beside themselves over the quality of the construction and comfort of the rocker. I have to admit I was skeptical until I went over to try out the chair myself. I didn't want to get up out of it! Your rockers are amazing. Thanks again.


Smithfield, Virginia

June 20, 2005

Hi Gary,

I was going to write you an email today, but it looks like you beat me to it . . . :) Yes, I did get the chair yesterday and it is more beautiful than I'd imagined it! It is as much a piece of art as it is a piece of furniture . . . The original design, the quality of the wood, and the impeccable craftsmanship makes it a one of a kind piece!

I would give the overall experience a 10/10 if it wasn't for the delivery . . . The delivery company would not deliver on Saturdays, and could only give me 4-hour windows in the morning or afternoon. That doesn't work for any person working full-time, as it effectively requires one to take a full day off. The Stickely dresser I bought a few months back was delivered on a Saturday morning, and that worked out perfectly. As the Overnite Transportation warehouse was just a few miles away from my office, I ended up driving there during lunch break to pick up the chair myself. The crate would not fit in my Honda Pilot, so I had to disassemble it on-site . . . Quite an ordeal. In short, I'd suggest that you look into using a delivery company that does Saturday deliveries.

Thanks for such a beautiful chair!

Best regards,


[ I regret any inconvenience to any patron and work to keep it to the minimum. However, the shipping prices quoted in our catalog and on the website are for the level of service noted in this email: large appointment windows on weekdays only. I can see how these specifications are problems for some, but the price cannot be beaten by any other carrier that I have found. The option of a Saturday delivery will cost at least twice our quoted prices, but I will be happy to arrange it for those who require and desire it. — GW ]

San Francisco, California

June 02, 2005

Dear Gary:

As I was having a glass of wine last night, and sitting in the Weeks chair, I thought again what a terrific piece of art that thing is. It's functional, stylish and even by itself – it adds something to the room. And also – thanks for the prompt delivery.

Who knows??? maybe I'll order another sometime in the future.

all the best

St. Martin, the lesser Antilles

May 23, 2005

Dear Gary-

We just received our gorgeous rocking chair delivered perfectly to Amsterdam this afternoon. My husband and I are really thrilled with it! Thank you so much for creating something so special for us as we expect our first child. It's a beautiful heirloom treasure which I am sure will be passed on to future generations!

(Also, thank you so much for your promptness in correspondence, your precise time table and impeccable packing and delivery.)

All the best,

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

February 23, 2005

Hi Gary,

Here it is. A happy mother rocking already with the baby. We are totally happy with the chair. The only bad news was that French customs were much more expensive then expected (533 euros, which is about twice the amount you mentioned initially; this is something you have to know for future transactions!).

[ Ouch! I get an estimate for duties and taxes from my agent and forward that amount to people in another country who are considering a purchase. The customs and duty charges on previous shipments to France have been accurate. Apparently, however, it is impossible for me to get a firm and correct quote for duties and taxes to every country, every time. This experience makes me reluctant to estimate duties and taxes on an international shipment.
— GW]

Thanks for the efficiency in processing it all so as to make it available on time. And congratulations for the design: being born in Canada at a time when rocking chairs were very popular, I can tell you this one is really, really, well done.

All the best
C. M.

Paris, France

December 06, 2004


They just delivered the rocking chair, and it is perfect! Beautiful! Wonderful!

You warned me it would be a different color than the other cherry rocker you made me (#629 in 2000), but the contrast was surprising. My older chair is a beautiful rosy color now and I had never realized how it had changed. Now that I know, it will be fun to watch the progress of the new chair.

The delivery folks were a joy to work with — very friendly setting up the delivery date, and excellent service when they arrived.

My two grown daughters will no longer have to fight over who "inherits" my rocker. I just hope they don't decide to bump me off so they won't have to wait!

Thank you again for such a wonderful addition to the family. Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays or whatever applies . . .


Ft. Worth, Texas

December 01, 2004


We are very pleased with the rocking chair. It's extremely comfortable for M., and looks great in the nursery.

The shipping company delivered the package without problems, except for a tear in the bottom of the box, that resulted in no damage. We are still waiting on the baby, but I'm sure that the chair will meet with the baby's approval, too!

Thanks very much,

Washington, D.C.

August 05, 2004

We did get it and we love it! We spent the evening acting like kids attempting to share a new toy — "it's MY turn . . ." It's more comfortable than I even imagined, and I'm really glad we got the footstool too. I just entered my third trimester, and kicking my feet up is a good thing right now! The delivery guy was on time and very courteous, so that worked out well too. I imagine you'll be hearing from us at some point when we decide we need a "his" to go with this "hers" chair. Thanks for everything. It was a pleasure working with you.

N. and K. J.

San Francisco, California​

July 30, 2004

Dear Gary,

Thank you for the fast delivery of the chair. A. and I love sitting in it already.

We've put you on our announcement e-mail list — so you'll know who the third beneficiary of the chair is when she or he comes.

All the best to you and your family. Happy house building!

Take care,


New York, New York

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