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April 16, 2021

I also enjoyed seeing you again and meeting Leslie. Your studio is such a special place for J. and me in that the furnitures are so perfectly thought out with the beauty of natural woods in mind, and simply so elegant! They elevate our spirits! 💕

Austin, Texas

March 17, 2021


When Forrest called I told him I was tickled to hear from him and he said that he had the world's most beautiful rocking chair on his truck for me. He was not lying! It is absolutely gorgeous! The grain is beautiful, the matching and alignment of the grain on separate pieces is amazing and the workmanship is beyond anything I've seen. Every day I find some detailed piece of craftsmanship that blows me away. If you can't tell, I LOVE the chair.

The one question I have is care and feeding for the chair. From the website it would appear the my rocker has an oil finish and not wanting to do anything that might detract from it's beauty I'd appreciate knowing what you would recommend to clean and treat it. [see:]

Again, I love the rocker and dealing with everyone connected with it has been a pleasure. Thank you so much.

All the Best for you, your family and your workers,

Dallas, Texas

March 15, 2021

Gary and fellow makers,

Thank you for making this beautiful chair for my sweet husband. He loves it!!! It is a perfect fit and extremely comfortable. I so appreciate all of your effort and skill.


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

March 13, 2021

Gary & Austin,

First off, wow and thank you all! HIS chair is amazing - amazingly beautiful and rockingly soothing. I have now tried it out for two weeks, getting almost an hour a day in it and couldn't be happier with the craftsmanship. In fact, my hands (and eyes) have travelled every surface and are still singing its praises.


Austin, Texas

March 03, 2021


Most of my adult life I searched for the perfect chair.

When I opened the box of my brand-new rocker, I was struck by the beautiful color and finish.

As soon as I sat in it, I totally relaxed. I could sit in the rocker without it moving or, just by almost thinking or moving my toes slightly, it would begin to rock.

The sheer sturdiness of its composition. The smoothness of the finish was like silk on wood.

I felt like I was sitting in a tree in a garden.

The slats on the back supports the concavity of the lumbar spine, as does the neck for the cervical spine. It is pitched perfectly as if he understands the mechanics of the body.

The arms slightly swerve backwards to the let the blood flow back to the heart. The arm rests allow you to support the arms and hands without fear of them falling off.

The embedded dowels and the little touches give the chair a classic stature. The wood is friendly to the body and almost needs no cushion.

One feels close to nature, especially in New York City.

Dr S. R., D.C. Chiropractor

New York, New York

February 09, 2021

Hi Gary,

Our chair has arrived! It's the most beautiful and comfortable rocker we have ever experienced and we are so greatful to have it in our home. My parents and A. and I gathered around and all took turns sitting in the chair and we all found something different to appreciate about the craftsmanship and design.

...The chair is the perfect addition to our space and symbolizes a mission and a philosophy of life that we hold dear...

Thank you so much Gary,
The W. Family

Petersburg, Kentucky

February 02, 2021

The furniture is holding up great. We’ve had a few sunny afternoons to enjoy it. The porch faces West-Southwest and warms up quite a lot when the sun makes an appearance. Today it is around 50 degrees and the light rain is coming in sideways. They are, without a doubt, the finest rocking chairs in which I have had the pleasure to sit.

Pacific Beach, Washington

January 22, 2021

Hi Gary and team

My good friends R. and C. bough me a cherry rocking chair for my retirement. I’ve been a dental specialist for 30 years, dealing in fractions of a millimetre my whole career. i can honestly say i would let Gary and his team do surgery on me.

The quality of this rocking chair is second to none. Absolutely, amazing.

Thank you very much to you and your team for being so dedicated to perfection.
C. J.

Ottawa, Canada

January 11, 2021

Gary, it was just delivered. It is now unpacked, and in perfect condition. It is as beautiful as it is comfortable. My husband keeps saying” such fine workmanship.” Thank you so much. I do apologize for me last minute delivery concerns. It’s been a trying year. Best regards to you and your craftsmen.
D. O.

Saratoga, New York

December 23, 2020

Hello Gary,

I received my rocking chair. My wife is ecstatic. Thank you very much.

It’s absolutely beautiful and it is as comfortable as you claim.

Happy Holidays,

Huntington, New York

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