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June 04, 2002

Dear Gary,

Thank you so much for a wonderful handcrafted Rocker. What a gift it is being able to create such a beautiful piece of furniture that will last forever and make generations to come happy. It's so wonderful and N., our 10-week old girl, loves being rocked in it. Please find Mommy and Daddy whilst enjoying rocking little N.

Best regards from New Jersey to Texas from

C. & R. & N.R.

Wyckoff, New Jersey

May 16, 2002


What a beautiful chair/heirloom/piece of art. Judy could not have been more surprised — Most definitely worth the wait, and now she knows why I was ignoring her constant requests for a chair.

Thanks again.

Emeryville, California​

January 30, 2002


We adore our cherry Mitchell Trestle table, and our star-inlayed chairs are by far the most comfortable imaginable. Thank you for working with us to custom-design a table that fits the dimensions of our home, and for creating a hand-planed tabletop that looks great and will survive the wear and tear from our kids. Our Gary Weeks table will surely be one of our prized Texas heirlooms.

D. and L.J.

Austin, Texas​

December 19, 2001


I wanted to let you know that the rocking chair arrived on Monday. Everything was in perfect order. As you may recall the rocking chair was for my wife and our newborn son. I think you will be happy to hear it was warmly received. It was everything she wanted and more.

When I brought the chair home I had her go to the bedroom while I brought it into the living room. I then led her out, eyes closed of course. I wish you could have seen her face when she sat down.

Many thanks for the fine work you do. Special thanks for going the extra mile to keep me up to date on the shipping status. It is not often these days that you can spend money as a consumer and have zero regrets about your purchase.

T. & N.B.
Ketchikan, Alaska

P.S. — I hope you find the following useful in marketing your wonderful product.

When I decided that I wanted to purchase a traditional rocking chair I had no idea of what I was in for. First I went down to the two furniture stores in town and was very disappointed in what I saw. Both stores had one model for sale, and neither were worth buying.

My buying habits are such that I make sure I will be pleased with what I buy before I part with my money. So I started looking on the internet. Not really knowing what I was looking for I found some nice rocking chairs at a site called "100% rocking chairs". In fact I almost bought one. However I had a nagging doubt and held back.

After several evenings on the internet I finally found your web site via Google. I instantly fell in love with what I saw. However when I started this little adventure I had only planed on spending perhaps $500, tops. After two weeks of thinking it over I decided that your chair was worth the cost. In addition I believe the your rocking chair is of such superior quality that it will literally last us a lifetime. In the long run it is a bargain compared to numerous lazy boys or cheap glider rockers that it would take to fill its place over as many years. I also believe that properly cared for our rocking chair will increase in value.

I hope you find this information useful. I mention it simply to illustrate the influence your product had over me, a frugal consumer looking for a well made rocking chair.

If you ever visit Ketchikan give me a call before you come I will be happy to show you the sites or take you fishing.
[Somehow, I've got to go. GW]

Thanks again, and Merry Christmas!

Ketchikan, Alaska

September 12, 2000

Gary and Leslie,

I love my chair. Thank you for a fabulous piece of art. I will enjoy it for years, as well as my children and grandchildren to come. I can't decide whether to sit in it or look at it!

As ever,

Houston, Texas​

May 29, 2000

Dear Gary & Company:

I received the rocker last week and unpacked it as you recommended. It arrived in perfect shape.

The rocker is awesome! The craftsmanship and attention to detail is a special talent. I know that mesquite wood is a challenge to find and hard to work, but you have created an heirloom piece that my wife and I know will have a special inheritance. At present it is by the back door where it is used multiple times daily — it will have a special place in the office I am going to add to our home.

Debbie and I are looking forward to coming to your workshop one day.

Thank you!

West Columbus, Texas​

June 22, 1998

Dear Leslie and Gary,

It was really fun visiting you and two of your offspring, and touring your interesting and amazing workshop. Hope you've received some rain and are not suffering too much from the heat.

Unlike the chair pictured on this notecard (which is not lacking in personality and charm), our Weeks Rocker is a thing of beauty. Comfortable. Gorgeous. We are so thrilled! Thank you, Gary, for creating such a lovely, perfect work of art. Our descendants will enjoy it too.

C. and T.O.

Saint Jo, Texas​

January 22, 1998

[ A friend and former employee passed this on, GW]

I know we aren't supposed to treasure things, but the rocking chair must be an exception. The walnut is just incredible. Thank you very much for picking it out, delivering it, and of course, helping in its construction. Please give my deepest thanks to Gary for making this possible. I can't imagine there being a better rocker made in the whole world. Tell him that he must pass the skill on. One or both of his boys must continue this out.


Dallas, Texas​

May 05, 1992

Dear Leslie and Gary,

B. drove over 400 miles today to surprise me with your chair #6. I wish you could have seen the look on my face when I walked in the house!

The rocking chair is a perfect blend of art and engineering. It is absolutely wonderful! We've placed it by the fireplace where it belongs.

You've created a family heirloom — a real treasure. Thank you sincerely for using your talent in such a lovely way.


Plano, Texas

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