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July 16, 2009

Thank you. She likes the chair, it fits well, and said it "makes me feel maternal".


Salem, Oregon

July 14, 2009

Hi Gary,

The chairs arrived and we love them. They fit into our small house very well, and we will certainly treasure them for many years to come . . . I hope that we can take a trip to Texas one day, and possibly meet you. We really appreciate your personal service and obvious care in all that you do. Best wishes and thank you again!

K. and C.

Winthrop, Washington

July 13, 2009

Hi Gary,

I can't believe I've been enjoying my rocking chair for 4 yrs, 9 mos. I sit in it more than any other chair in my house (even the new sofa we got after we moved in to our new house). I adore the deep rich color & patina it has developed over the years. And I read in it all the time!

. . . when we have visitors the rocking chair is nearly always the first seat chosen by one of my lucky guests. I'm happy to share, since I know they have to leave eventually.


Oakland, California

July 08, 2009

Dear Gary and family,

Thank you so much for the rocker. We received it today in an unscarred crate and it is beautiful. We're very pleased with it and have no doubt that we'll cherish it for a very, very long time. What a beautiful work of art and what talented, perfected craftmanship.

Thank you,
K.Q., T.W. and L.Q.W.

Davis, California

May 04, 2009

Dear Gary,

The rockers and table arrived yesterday afternoon. The rocker is very comfortable.

We do have one problem though in that the color does not match the other cherry furniture that we just purchased. I believe your rocker is natural color and the other new furniture has a reddish stain. Can anything be done to make them match?


Charlottesville, Virginia

April 30, 2009

happy birthday!!! thanks for the chair!!! i love it, fits me perfectly. i look forward to collecting more of your pieces of art work. thank you again,


Bloomington, Indiana

April 21, 2009


Thanks for your message. You were indeed correct — and right on schedule! We received the rocking chair this morning and have been sitting in it all night. It is really, really beautiful. Thank you so much!

Best regards,

Washington, DC

April 16, 2009


The rocker arrived in perfect condition, it’s beautiful and comfortable. A leap of faith maybe, but your web site is so well done that what we've received is exactly what we ordered. The bonus is the fit and finish which is best appreciated by touch. I will not hesitate to recommend you when my friends admire your work.

I can’t wait to rock our Grandson,


Bakersfield, California

April 15, 2009

Gary: The rocker was delivered this afternoon and it is beautiful and arrived in perfect condition. Our hats are off to you, your son and all your workers — what a great job you do and certainly it will become a family heirloom.

J. and P.G.

Alliance, Nebraska

April 14, 2009

He loved it! And it is beautiful. Thank you very much. It is inside now. Can those rockers be put outside?


Houston, Texas

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