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March 02, 2009


A long overdue follow, we love the chair, right size, comfortable, very well built and stylish, next on my list is a table from you!


Fairbanks, Alaska

February 20, 2009

Gary, I LOVE my rocker!!! I have been on the phone all day inviting people to come over to sit in it.

I was worried that it might not get here in time. I called the delivery people and they said Friday. Then day before yesterday, I was shopping and I got the call. It was at my door. I was at first annoyed because nobody told me about the change, but he waited and was so nice about it . . . and then when I opened that box . . .

No surprise. I knew it would be beautiful. But when I sat in it, it was like it was made for me. I wanted to cancel everything else I had going and just rock.

Thank you for making these terrific chairs, Gary. I've always believed that art should be functional. You prove that the functional can be art.

I might even share with guests. If they're nice.

Thank you. I will cherish it forever and give it to my new grand daughter as a wedding gift.

All the best to you and your talented family.

New Orleans, Louisiana

February 19, 2009

The rocker is beautiful, I know we will enjoy it.

Thank you,

Silverton, Colorado

February 11, 2009

Chair arrived today in pristine condition. It exceeds all of my expectations and you should be hearing from it's new owner soon.


Winter Park, Florida

February 01, 2009

To the Weeks Family and organization,

I took possession of Rocker #1753 in mid 2007. The rocker was impressive then and has improved over time. The workmanship is beyond enviable. It has survived the repeated assaults of my teenage son and his friends. I feel as though my rocker has adjusted to my body, or maybe vice versa, to the betterment of both. I can honestly say that it is my only material possession that I would grieve the loss of. Its true value far exceeds the purchase price.

Thank you,

Voorhees, New Jersey

January 27, 2009

Dear Gary,

We received the rocker yesterday — in perfect condition. It is absolutely gorgeous! The expert craftsmanship is clear, and the monogramming really makes it special. Thank you!

Now, we can’t wait for our new baby to be born, so that we can put the chair to good use! Thank you again!


Irvine, California

January 22, 2009


Inspector Closeau went to Colusa and found the table and chair in perfect condition.

Very beautiful wood and much appreciated.


M.S. Colusa, California

January 20, 2009

Dear Gary,

The chairs arrived today in fine shape, just as Barack Obama was taking the oath of office. The delivery man paused in his work to watch it with us. The chairs look lovely in our living room. Very, very nice.


Danville, Indiana

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