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September 06, 2020

The footstool arrived this afternoon! T. was stunned, and so very happy to have it! He put it into immediate use as he was already sitting in the rocker. So comfortable!! It also looks absolutely wonderful with the rocker. We are both thrilled! So very grateful that you were able to fill my order in such a timely manner and managed to have the new footstool delivered in time for his birthday.

With appreciation,

Wilson, New York

April 29, 2020

It arrived on time and intact and my father is very pleased with it. It looks beautiful in photos and I’m told it looks even better in person. Thanks to you and your family for all your hard work and best wishes for your continued health.

Thanks again

A. W.

Dallas, Texas

March 24, 2020


The chair was delivered today, in perfect condition, with the stool nestled inside. Great job packing the chair! And the cardboard we'll use as weed barrier under pine straw. The cardboard ought to work for years. It's good and thick.

We have a pair again, at last. And in time for our golden years. One delightful note is the degree that cherry darkens over time. Our old chair is 20 years darker. I know cherry does that, but will the new chair ever catch up--that is, does the darkening slow down? And may we both live to 90 to find out. For now, we have his and her chairs, with hers of course being the one I didn't destroy and replace.

A bow and hat tip to you and all your crew! Very, very well done! Y'all give life to these chairs--make them characters in our story. And that's rare, indeed.

Thank you so much.

J. A.
One more thing. The use of grain is masterful. I just love it.

Apalachiola, Florida

February 05, 2020

It has been delivered and my son and daughter-in-law love it! It was well worth the wait. Thank you for quality workmanship and stellar customer service. We’ll keep you in mind for any future furniture needs.

P. F.

Seattle, Washington

September 30, 2019

Hi Autumn, Gary, and the whole team at Gary Weeks & Company,

We received our new rocker and footstool on Saturday. We could not be more pleased with it! It arrived in perfect condition, and if anything, was even nicer than we could have expected! It is simply gorgeous, and amazingly comfortable. We've only been able to show it off to our daughter so far, but she said the same thing we did when we saw it. WOW!

We are thrilled with the rocker and footstool, and very happy that we still have a full set of dining chairs to look forward to receiving. And my wife is very pleased with me for finding you and your company, and for convincing her that this was a wonderful idea.

Thank all of you for your work, craftsmanship and dedication. It shows in your product, and is something you can all be proud of, as we will be proud to show our rocker off to everyone!

Best regards,
G. and K. N

Woodcliffe Lake, New Jersey

June 13, 2019

The "glorious" mahogany rocker and footstool arrived this morning. I want you and the rest of the "team" to know that I could not have given myself a better 72nd birthday present! These are truly amazing and functional pieces of art. Thank you all for bringing me such joy!


Camarillo, California

May 14, 2019

Hi all!

Just unpacked my little custom mahogany table and stools. This set is perfect! ...

As always: the furniture is exquisite; I look forward to fighting over each piece with my cats, who appear to believe the wonderful contours are designed just for their comfort and who may, occasionally, let me actually take over one of the stools and sit at this table.


Fort Myers, Florida

April 03, 2019

The footstool arrived in great shape. We love it and all the items you have made for us.
As we say in the Navy, “Bravo Zulu” (well done).

Thank you,

K. & B.G.
Redding, California

Redding, California

January 24, 2019

Gary, we are very pleased with the new chair and footstool. My artistic wife said, “tell him the chair is beautiful, a work of sculpture in wood”. And we are using the footstool with a $3000 Eames lounge chair. As for the 6+ year old rocker, this summer we loaded it into the back of our Audi, drove into Michigan to the house of a young nephew who just had his first child, a very large baby boy named H. He and his wife needed a rocker and they just loved this chair. We later heard they were inviting family members over to see the rocker, let alone the new baby!

Thanks from the whole family.


Fort Wayne, Indiana

January 24, 2019

Good morning Gary,

Thank you for the kind words!

This may sound silly, but your furniture helps me relax (not something I am very proficient at!).

I dislike clutter and the beautiful lines of your pieces are just aesthetically perfect for me. The dining chairs are the most comfortable computer chairs I've ever owned (I can sit comfortably for hours in these chairs!).

I find the footstools for my rockers to be great seating -- and my cats love the curve of those and appropriate them when I rock. I never get to put my feet up -- those now belong to the purr-babies :)

I thought long and hard about investing in the small table and stools for my lanai -- but your furniture is worth every penny.

I really love having useful art :)


Fort Myers, Florida

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