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October 24, 2011


. . .
By the way, we LOVE our chairs — my husband is 6'7" and I am 5'1" and we have spent countless hours over the last 18 months rocking with our first baby boy. It still amazes me that one chair fits us both so well. I can¹t wait for a footstool to accompany it so we can spend just as much time rocking baby boy #2.

Thanks a million.

Houston, Texas

August 26, 2011

Hello Gary.

The chair and stool were just delivered. My wife is very pleased and they look great in our nursery. Both the stool and chair are beautiful; you are a true craftsman. The wood stock is gorgeous and the finish immaculate. Thank you, Leslie and the rest of your team for your hard work and excellent customer service.

Time permitting, I will give you more thoughts after spending more time rocking.

Until then, take care.


Santa Rosa, California

June 07, 2011


We Love the rocker and footstool. It is beautiful, and so comfortable. Perfect for reading, or just relaxing.
When I was a young boy, my grandmother had a favorite rocking chair, and I admired it so. Now I have mine!
Yes, we are enjoying it, and will for many years to come.

Thank you all your hard work in furniture making. We will be back!

Best regards,
S. & M.L.

Boerne, Texas

January 26, 2011

Thanks Gary!

We have put both to good use.
The table is perfectly proportioned for use between our chairs, and the stool is already a closet essential.
Thanks for your help.
Stay warm.


Austin, Texas

August 14, 2010

The rocker and footstool arrived this afternoon. Perfect! You sure make a nice rocker! I hesitated about the footstool, but am very glad I got it because it is the perfect height and my lower footstools would have put pressure on the bottom of my legs. And, as you claim, the rocker is very comfortable. At first, I was surprised by the arm height, but after a few minutes in the chair, I knew they were just where they needed to be.

The freight company was very good. They called me on Friday and told me they expected the item in Cincinnati (Cincinnati airport in Covington, KY, actually) this morning and arranged for today's delivery.


Oregonia, Ohio

April 09, 2009

Hello Gary –

The chair has arrived! The delivery company did a great job — they called yesterday and gave me a 2-hour delivery window; they showed up at the beginning of that window. The package appeared completely unmolested, and the contents (chair and footstool) look perfect.

Little H. was a bit impatient to arrive; his due date was April 5, but he was born on April 2, so he's one week old today. K. is still asleep, trying to catch up after a long night, so she has not yet seen the chair, but I'm sure she will love it. I'll try to get a picture of mother and babe in the chair when the opportunity arises.

Thank you very much for your flexibility in finding a solution when our original specification proved problematic. I'm sure the chair and stool will be family heirlooms handed down from generation to generation.

S. and K.B.

Seattle, Washington

March 04, 2008


I called [the shipper] this morning — the chair and footstool arrived this afternoon — it's superb — may sleep in it tonight . . .


August 28, 2006

Hi Gary,

I have been meaning to call you all week! The rocker is beautiful!! I haven't brought it into my office yet so I'm not sure how my hip will feel — but so far so good.

I will probably contact you in Sept about a short footstool.

Thanks so much,

Lutherville, Maryland

August 05, 2004

We did get it and we love it! We spent the evening acting like kids attempting to share a new toy — "it's MY turn . . ." It's more comfortable than I even imagined, and I'm really glad we got the footstool too. I just entered my third trimester, and kicking my feet up is a good thing right now! The delivery guy was on time and very courteous, so that worked out well too. I imagine you'll be hearing from us at some point when we decide we need a "his" to go with this "hers" chair. Thanks for everything. It was a pleasure working with you.

N. and K. J.

San Francisco, California​

July 03, 2004


Received the Terrell Side tables yesterday. They are fantastic! Your shipping containers are as well thought out as are the pieces you make. They arrived perfectly and are beside my bed with the rocker and footstool at their side. Being an old woodworker, I can say that your work is impeccable and exquisitely done. Thanks again. They will become heirlooms someday.


Omaha, Nebraska​

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