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September 11, 2017


Our rocking chair arrived in perfect condition. It is amazingly comfortable for people of all sizes. I was studying it a bit and noticed that there are no straight pieces anywhere — everything is contoured, curved or rounded, which speaks to the amount of time you must spend shaping wood before assembly. And everyone comments on how soft to the touch the finish is. I was also surprised at how little it weighs, considering it is not a small chair. It looks heavy — but it's not. Cool!

We wish you all the satisfaction that comes with knowing you have made someone happy. We love it already — thanks!


Pasadena, California

May 31, 2017


I apologize for not writing sooner — it has been a bit of a whirlwind since we picked it up on Saturday. We only opened it last night. We thought we would try not to but we just couldn't resist taking it out of the crate. It is exquisite . . . I love how the grains match so beautifully. It is truly a work of art.

Of course, we could not resist sitting in it if only briefly and oh my, it is so comfortable. It holds the body just so . . . as if it were made to measure for each one who sits in it. No doubt our family will spend long hours daydreaming in that perfect chair. Indeed, I write stories for my grandchildren and I can already feel one coming on about the magic rocker that will take you anywhere your imagination can go; the magic rocker that fits every body just so. Imagine the adventures that will be had for generations in that perfect chair!

We haven't given the gift yet as we will present it to them on their wedding which is June 21, 2017. Honestly, we are tempted to keep it so it is a good thing the initials are on the chair as we can't hide the fact that it is actually for F.!! We do know that they will love it as much as we do and that it will become a family heirloom.

Oh and I should add that I did not end up having to pay duty. The very kind Canadian Border Officer asked me what was in the crate and I told her the truth. The perfect rocker, hand made in Texas and a wedding gift. She smiled and said have a nice day and a beautiful wedding. So despite a moment of confusion your perfect rocker is already creating good relations!

Many, many thanks
B. & family

Vancouver, British Columbia

June 06, 2016


The chair arrived today and it is beautiful and comfortable. The stool is also great.
Gary did a great job picking out the walnut. It is more beautiful than I imagined and it matches perfectly.
You have also been very nice and helpful and I would like Gary to give you a hug from me and I'd also like you to give him a hug from me.
The driver who delivered it from MainFreight was very helpful and very nice so everything went very smoothly.
I look forward to relaxing comfortably in my new rocking chair. Oh, I am 6'3" and A. is 5'2" and it seems to fit both of us.

Thanks again for everything.

Marcellus, NY

February 20, 2016

We love it. It is handsome, and more importantly, it's comfortable for each of us. Good work! Artful and magically ergonomic.

B. & C.

Kansas City, MO

February 04, 2015


The rocker does pull you in. It seductively says give me a try. Have a seat. And when you do, you're in no hurry to get up.

Gary — I started life as an architect. So I did the whole design thing through school. My sophomore year we had to design and make furniture. I chose chairs and my prof said I was crazy. Well there were 4 chairs over the course of two semesters. One looked good but killed you when you sat in it. Two were just ok and the fourth was a winner. Chair design is very difficult and having given it a try I know how hard it is. Your rocker is a masterpiece. It seems to be body agnostic, that is, it doesn't matter how tall or wide you are, it is comfortable. Add to that great aesthetics and marvelous craftsmanship and it is a piece that is fought over in an estate settlement.

Before we're done, everyone in the family will be a proud owner of a Gary Weeks rocker.

Enjoy your weekend.

Houston, Texas

November 22, 2014


My rocking chair arrived today and I love it! The design and wood are beautiful but the best thing is how it feels to sit in it! My husband is taller than me and the chair fits him as well.

Thank you for my wonderful chair!

Kind regards,

Raleigh, North Carolina

July 10, 2014

Hi Gary,

We received the maple rocking chair two days ago. It's very well made, and fits both me (5'2") and my husband (5'8") well. It looks and feels better than we expected.

The entire chair is very smooth to touch. The wood grain is really nice, and the finish has an interesting shimmering 3-D effect. My husband was expecting a really light color, like the mass-produced plain maple furniture. He was pleasantly surprised that your hand-rubbed oil finish has darkened the maple and the result is just the right color for us.

Overall, we are quite happy with your rocking chair. We'd highly recommend you to other people in the future.

F. & J.

Holmdel, New Jersey

April 10, 2014

Dear Mr. Weeks,

We would like to tell you that words cannot express how happy we are with the Walnut Rocker you made for us. It is absolutely gorgeous! It arrived exactly on time in perfect condition as you promised. It's amazing how it "fits" both myself and my wife. Know that we have a 12 inch difference in our heights and the rocker is so comfortable for both of us. You certainly have a gift in your woodworking skills, talent, and artistry. My wife rocks in it everyday and it brings her such peace and joy while she meditates there. We've used it to rock our grandson and looking forward to rocking the two new grandbabies coming this summer and fall. We just can't say enough nor thank you enough for this incredible rocking chair!

Gratefully Happy,
D. and D.

D. and D. Ellisville, Missouri

December 28, 2013

Your chair did arrive exactly as promised — and it's beautiful and oh, so comfortable. I'm 6'6", and the chair is comfortable for me. My daughter is 5'8", and it fits her, too. My daughter and her husband love it, and it looks great in the nursery.

Thank you for your work, your art, and your service.


Ft. Worth, Texas

June 18, 2013


Your beautiful chairs are holding up well and are a sensation to all visitors. It's uncanny how comfortable that hard wood is for any size or shaped person who has sat in them.

Thanks again for your guidance and all. Your incredible quality has taken away however any notion of me getting into advanced woodworking! ...

Most Respectfully,

Loxley, Alabama

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