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September 07, 2012


By yesterday at 4:30pm I had not heard a word from them so I used the numbers you gave me to contact them and bingo — they made it happen! My Weeks Rocker arrived at 7pm and J. and I were able to get it out of the crate . . . with a little patience and lots of careful maneuvering. I sat in it all through the Democratic Convention and was a happy camper. Tonight we are inviting friends and our daughter/son in law over for 'grilling and rocking' . . . Can't wait to show it off and share a rock.

We are happy customers and will gladly tell the story of Weeks Rockers and encourage others to make the investment. Now we have a grandchild coming in March, so the rocker has taken on new meaning beyond my retirement! Tell your team they do great work and we are very pleased and proud to own one. It felt like velvet when I felt the arms of the rocker, and my feet perfectly touch the floor. I'm 5'4" and that is always an issue for me.

Hope to see your place one day while in Austin,

Slidell, Louisiana

July 05, 2012

The rocking chair and footstool arrived this afternoon just as I was making a cup of tea, so naturally I unpacked the chair (yielding me enough bubble wrap to last the rest of my life!) and enjoyed my tea while I sat in it.

I am 5'10" tall, and the chair fits perfectly, just as your website said it would. The only smoother finish I have ever felt is a new baby's bottom . . . I am looking forward to many years of reading, resting and rocking in the chair, and I thank you for the craftsmanship that it encompasses. It was worth the wait and all the saving up for this treat! . . .

With thanks and best wishes —

Sharon, Connecticut

January 26, 2012

Hi Gary,

I wanted to let you know that the rocker and foot stool arrived here unscathed on Tuesday afternoon.
I got home late, and didn't get a chance to unpack it until yesterday. Now that it's all unpacked and my family has had a chance to use it a bit, I want to echo all the great feedback you've gotten from your other customers.

Starting with the quality of the pieces, the craftsmanship is superb. If nothing else, having such finely made work in our home is truly a pleasure. The selection and matching of the cherry for the different elements in both pieces adds to the obvious care that was taken in the design and workmanship.

But there's more. My family's body shapes and sizes cover a wide range, from my son (6'1", 145 lbs, "This feels great on my back!"), to my wife (5'10", 1(mfph$&@) lbs, "mmm, very comfy."), to me (6'1", 275 lbs, "ahhh"), and we all love how functional and comfortable the chair is.

The rocker and foot stool will be a well-used, cherished pieces in our home for many years. Thank you.

Best regards,

Trumansburg, New York

December 30, 2011


J.'s rocker arrived as you said in your note. Everything was just fine. We especially enjoyed the hand and foot decoration by your young one on the carton. ;-)

I am a potter by avocation (with some woodworking thrown in). I have always been interested in the integration of form and function, aesthetic and utility, in creating pots and other things. Your chair does so exceptionally well. I can see the attention to detail in both design and execution. A beautiful, can't keep my hands off it rocking chair. Deceptively simple, perfectly executed. Nicely done!

True to your web site, the chair fit everyone in the family, ranging from a small 5'2" to a tall 6'2", whether simply rocking or holding little S. and rocking him to sleep.

We are all delighted. Thank you!


Vienna, Virginia

October 24, 2011


. . .
By the way, we LOVE our chairs — my husband is 6'7" and I am 5'1" and we have spent countless hours over the last 18 months rocking with our first baby boy. It still amazes me that one chair fits us both so well. I can¹t wait for a footstool to accompany it so we can spend just as much time rocking baby boy #2.

Thanks a million.

Houston, Texas

October 14, 2011


Thanks so much for your email. Baby L. finally arrived last Thursday. We are over the moon about her, and are very much enjoying rocking her to sleep in the chair, which all of our visitors remark on. We're thrilled with the investment, and look forward to using it for many years to come.

I've attached photos of R. and of my mother both enjoying the chair (and as promised, it works perfectly both for the 6'6" man and the 5'5" woman!).

Thanks again.


San Francisco, California

July 14, 2010

Dear Weeks Family,

A year into owning one of your rocking chairs, we could not be more delighted. It is, far and away, our most prized piece of furniture. The wood has darkened to a beautiful reddish brown, just as you said it would. The inlaid initials are beautiful. Somehow, miraculously, it seems to be the perfect fit for every body that sits in it. And now you've so generously helped us line up a mover to ship it safely across country in our upcoming move. Your customer service and craftsmanship are outstanding.

Thanks so much,

Davis, California

June 01, 2010


DBSchenker delivered the chairs Friday. No problems at all! A couple of the hot-glued foam bumpers had fallen off in transit but everything was well packed and intact. My parents just came to visit and I think both of them covet the rocker. We're quite a mix of heights — my mother's feet are well off the floor when in the Williams chair and my father is almost 6 feet. But everyone wants to be in it. If you get another D. order soon, it's because this one arrived just in time!

The dining chairs are also surprisingly light! It was unexpected for such a solid feeling piece of furniture to move so easily.

I hope you and your family have a good Memorial day.


Oakland, California

March 17, 2010


Approximately three or so years ago, I received a walnut rocker which you made for me in your shop. I have never gotten around to contacting you and expressing my unwavering delight with this beautiful rocker. It is, of course, optimally comfortable — comfortable for most anyone choosing to sit in it. I have difficulty sitting in the rocker, because I'd rather look at it, being the elegant, gorgeously crafted piece that it is. At any rate, Mr. Weeks, thank you for a wonderful addition to my home. I, along with my children, and grand children thank you.


Manhattan, Kansas

March 08, 2010


I just returned from G's house and I must say the rocker is beautiful and sits like a dream. What is amazing about the ergonomics is the chair fits G. – who is 6'-7" as well as L. – who is about 5' tall (Mutt and Jeff). That is truly a well designed chair. The finish is beautiful. I can say that the kids are so excited about their Rocker and for that I say thank you.

All the best . . .

Houston, Texas

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