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July 18, 2005


The rocker is perfect. Many thanks. I have been sitting in it at least once a day since I received it. The construction is flawless and the graining and finishing of the walnut is grand. Somehow it accommodates me at 5'10", my wife at 5'4" and my jealous neighbor at 6'1" with comfort. It is a wonderful piece of furniture.


The Dalles, Oregon

June 01, 2005

Lovely Number 1326 has arrived. For some odd reason the anticipation peaked when my screwdriver and your screws resisted each other, but with patience I revealed our treasure chair. It is perfect. As I was removing the bubblewrap, my son and two friends came home. They laughed at me. I guess I looked pretty thrilled. We tested it for comfort and have all declared it wonderful. Each of us slid into the seat with a sigh and from 110 lbs/5'6" to 180 lbs/6', all of us felt the chair was made for us. C. remarked that it isn't only a chair, but a work of art and L. gazed at the figure and traced it with her fingers, noting all the swirls and silky, seamless lines.

If I haven't sufficiently conveyed it, I am delighted and the next generation promises to rock on his porch when he is an old curmudgeon.

Best regards and gratitude to all involved in # 1326's creation.

PS: I must secretly admit that spending all that money (huge for me), sight unseen, no word-of-mouth recommendation — based solely on your good looking website, was a bit unnerving for me, but I decided to believe . . . and am glad I did. — S.

Scottsdale, Arizona

June 01, 2005

Dear Gary, Leslie and Company,

I wanted to let you know that your gorgeous rockers arrived here yesterday in perfect condition. The toughest part was deciding which one to keep and which to give to my mom. They are both beautiful, yet very different. I have already rocked the baby to sleep twice in the chairs. I only wish I'd had them sooner. S. really likes running her little hands over the arms of the chairs and looking closely at the patterns in the wood. She is a very detail oriented baby! (Must be her dad's influence as it sure isn¹t mine.) I am sure we will love them for generations to come. I keep telling S. that someday that chair will be hers.

Thank you again for your beautiful work. I would recommend your chairs to anyone.
N. and S. (and husband C. too)
Gilbert, Arizona

PS: At 5'5", 6'2" and 27" we all fit comfortably in the chair.

Gilbert, Arizona

May 11, 2005

Gary, unfortunately I have not seen or rocked in your rocker, but short I. and tall R. just think it is fabulous. They can't figure out how it fits both of them. That is okay, some secrets must remain! Thank you for sending a rocker for generations of our family. It has been a pleasure working with you.


Simi Valley, California

March 30, 2005


Many apologies for the delay in my thank you. The move to my new home was successful and you were great at rerouting the delivery of the cherry rocker and stool. Simply put the rocker and stool are superb! The packaging was beat up a bit as expected but the cherry rocker and stool were not harmed in any way. Going over them entirely by hand with my eyes closed, there were no snags or hang ups to be found and it was as smooth as my new baby's skin. I am 5'6" and my husband is 6' yet it fits us both like gloves. I am very impressed and rock my 6 month old son in it very comfortably.

Thank you again,
K. W.

Fairfield, California

January 24, 2005

Hi Gary:

The rocker arrived in perfect condition mid-November. We've been enjoying it very much. B. gave birth to our first child last week and they love spending time rocking together. There is one slight problem: when B. nurses Z. in the chair, she can't rock or he'll fall right to sleep! All of our visitors comment on how beautiful and comfortable the rocker is — and believe me, we've had plenty of visitors. The chair fits everyone: from a petite 5' 2" to a heavy 6' 3".

Thanks for your attention to detail on this new addition to our home (the chair, that is).
F. A.

San Diego, California

November 17, 2004

Do I like it?

Oh yes! It made me so happy I felt silly and self conscious at the effusive email I began writing to you soon after it arrived. I decided to wait until I cooled off a bit.

It's everything you said it would be. My husband, seven year old son and I all agree it's incredibly comfortable and beautiful. A true heirloom piece. Wow. We love it! We touch it all the time. My son accuses me of sitting in it too much. I had to agree to take turns.

I am so happy and grateful that you and your people came through. I've dealt with a lot of different dealers and contractors recently. Most have been very disappointing to work with . . . problems with communication, integrity, quality and other issues have clouded the interaction. It's strangely life affirming to deal with you and have everything happen as promised. Whew! What a relief! THANK YOU!

Oh yeah, the box it came in is a perfect hideout/playhouse for the kid. He's decorated it inside and out and plays in it every day. Thanks for the bonus!

I hope it pleases you to know that you have made this family in San Diego so happy. Please keep your high standards. The world needs more like you!


San Diego, California

October 18, 2004


R. was awed! A gorgeous work of art. She eyed the rocker from across the room, then closed the distance slowly circling, taking in the beautiful lines and outstanding craftsmanship. She moved the rocker into a shaft of sunlight and slowly rocked the chair watching the grain and finish of the seat — the walnut shimmered like a highly polished tiger eye gemstone. Carefully she checked the underside of the chair and was delighted to find it signed and numbered. Then, she eased into the chair, slowly she relaxed, and a smile crossed her face — ear to ear. The seat was wide and full, the headrest perfect, the arms were just right for her, the edge of the seat didn't cut into her legs, and her feet were comfortably on the floor. The chair is just her size!

Gary, you made her very happy, thank you!

I'm not sure how you figured everything out, but you did . . . the chair fits me like a glove! R. is 5'6" and I'm 6'1". All I can say is "It's magic"!

We love our rocker!

Thanks for everything,

D. and R. W.

Budd Lake, New Jersey

October 12, 2004

Hi Gary,

I AM rocking, and I am SO pleased! Your chair fits my extra-long legs and tilts my body back to a comfortably balanced angle — something which was missing in the (considerably more expensive) rocker I tried first. The arms are delightfully sculptured for resting my hands outstretched or for crossing them in toward the body for knitting or reading. Not an uncomfortable edge to be found. The finish is beautiful to eye and hand alike. I am looking forward to showing it off and (occasionally) sharing its comfort. Thank you so much, Gary. And thank you for delivering it exactly as committed, without a hitch.


Cape Elizabeth, Maine​

August 26, 2004


My back has been bothering me a bit. I have two recliners and your rocker in my den . . . I rock R. (she likes your chair a lot) in your rocker because it is better on my back than the recliners. Everyone who sit in your rocker say how comfortable it is. How do you make one rocker fit so many people of vastly different sizes? It is the best chair I have ever had.


S. J.

Lafayette, Colorado​

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