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September 05, 2003


The table is beautiful. Lot's of work is evident in its making, especially the fine joints. The extra effort carefully packing the table pays off — it arrived in perfect condition, despite a battered crate. I had to bring the table home that same day to show R., not wanting/able to wait for a special occasion.


Pittsburg, PA​

August 29, 2003


The rocker arrived yesterday in perfect condition. It is a beautiful piece of work, and very comfortable. I spent an hour or so in it last night which I cannot do in any other chair in the house without shifting around a lot. My back usually gets pretty stiff from sitting in one position too long but it didn't bother me after sitting in the rocker last night.

Thanks for your kind and prompt service and designing such a beautiful and useful chair.


Mountain View, CA​

August 20, 2003

Hi Gary,

It is the best!! He just loved it! We rocked our new Grandbaby in it all weekend long and as soon as she hit the chair she'd be out like a light! It is a beautiful piece. You may end up w/ another order from my other daughter who is expecting in Dec. Thank you so much for making it all work. It was in the barn when I arrived on Fri.


McLean, VA

August 19, 2003

Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the chair shipped last week. The wood and finishing are absolutely gorgeous . . . And, sitting in that chair is like visiting a corner of heaven in a busy city. What a great thing to come home to after a long day!

Many thanks,

August 09, 2003

We absolutely LOVE it! The wood you chose for the top piece and the seat is gorgeous! We are so happy with it. Already in its 24 hours at its new house, I've spent several hours sitting, reading, and rocking in it!

Thank you so much!
PS It's even more comfortable then we remember it!

Take Care!
A. and S.D.

Leona, NJ​

August 08, 2003


The chair arrived on Tuesday in great shape. My wife is very very happy with it — already declaring it the most comfortable chair she's ever sat in. The craftsmanship of the chair is a bit humbling really, the level of precision in the joinery and the finish are truly amazing.

My daughter C. (two years old) is still enjoying playing in the box that the chair came in. We've fashioned it into a small play house for her complete with windows and doors.

The new baby is due in a month and we plan to have photos taken of the family in the chair to use as baby announcements. We'll be sure to send one out to you and your crew.

Thanks so much for the fine work. We're looking forward to someday adding a matching chair for me when I manage to retire and build a house on the lake (I'll need 20 years at least . . .)

Thanks for making such a fine product, we'll enjoy it for a lifetime.


Ithaca, NY​

August 01, 2003

Dear Kind Sweet Sir,

Have got to let you know how much I appreciate the work that you do. My rocker is perhaps the most elegant rocker in all of creation. You truly do amazing work that will be cherished in our family for a long time to come. Thank you for my main seat. I now understand what I. has been making such a fuss about for so long.

With such appreciation,

The New M.H.

Boone, N.C.​

July 23, 2003


Yes, it was delivered yesterday afternoon by Motor Cargo. Everything went fine as far as delivery and condition.

The rocker is wonderful, truly a work of art. And the minute I sat in it, it was comfortable, a perfect fit with everything supported, and a lovely rock. I was delighted with the curve in the arms, the way you can put your elbows off the end of the arm and not have any pressure on the elbow to make your arms "go to sleep". (By design or accident, a great feature).

My husband was also very pleased with the beauty and comfort of the rocker. I suspect we will have to take turns with "my" rocker.

Thank you so much!

Richland, WA​

July 23, 2003

Thanks very much Gary!

Kudos to you and your team, it is a beautiful chair and a pleasure to sit in. I read the morning paper in it today — what a great way to start the day. My wife likes it a lot as well, so we are over the highest hurdle. :-)

The grain patterns are very nice. I especially like the splats and the rockers. They have that subtle reflective, wavy pattern that I like so much. The finish is superb as well — a pleasure to touch and look at.

Again, thank you for the wonderful chair. The H. Family appreciates it very much!


Brookline, MA

July 07, 2003


Thanks to your efforts, I took delivery of your gorgeous chair today at 11:30. My wife was thrilled. I will send a picture of her enjoying it with baby E. when I can.

Thank you once again. I found dealing with you to be refreshing. Your service was polite, timely and accommodating. I only look forward to discovering for myself how comfortable the chair is.




My name is K. (A.M.’s wife) I live in Vancouver, Canada. I am a new mum and my husband surprised me with the gift of a Weeks Rocking Chair on July 4th. He said you took great pains to make sure we got the chair as soon as possible. I wanted to let you know that it is the most comfy chair that I have ever sat in. Our baby E. loves to be rocked in it — it seems to sooth her as soon as I begin rocking. I just wanted to say thank you for designing such a beautiful and comfortable piece of furniture.



Vancouver, BC, Canada

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