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February 05, 2003


Briefly, the rocker arrived in perfect condition, and the delivery man from Overnite was perhaps the most pleasant and courteous I've come across in years. The crate was a pleasure in itself to "unwrap."

My wife was thrilled with the rocker, and used it last evening to rock (of course!) the baby to sleep. Did I mention that R. and I have a 7 month, and a 23 month old sons? More to follow, we hope. I often comment to those professionals whom I refer business, that when they look good, I look good. Let's say that your rocker made me look really good!

To conclude, the rocker is magnificent.

Best regards,

Pittsburg, PA​

February 04, 2003

The walnut rocker arrived as promised. It's absolutely gorgeous and my wife is in love with it.

Now how do I get my 13 yr old son out of it?


Houston, Texas​

February 04, 2003

Gary . . .

The rocker was great. The party was great. The retiree really liked it. I am getting a photo scanned to send to you so you can see his big smile. Thanks for everything. The shipping was fine, everything arrived ok.


Spokane, Washington​

January 14, 2003

Dear Weeks Family,

I just want you to know how happy N. is with her new rocking chair. It arrived yesterday, right on her birthday, as promised, and she fell in love with it immediately. She's wanted a rocking chair for many years but never liked any she sat in. But when she sat in your chair she knew she'd found a home. She loves it and I am thrilled. And it is so beautiful to look at and a pleasure to touch. I've been trying for more than 30 years and have never before been able to give her a gift that pleased her as much as your beautiful chair. I don't know what I'm going to do next year.

Thanks for making such wonderful things and thanks for all the extra effort to make this happen for me on her birthday.

Best regards,

Brookside, New Jersey​

January 02, 2003


Just wanted to let you know how much we LOVE our rocking chair! It was the best "having-a-baby" gift I could ever have received!

We are looking to buy a dining table now . . . would you send us your latest catalogue and price list?

Thanks so much,
J. and B.M.

Houston, Texas​

January 02, 2003


Thanks for your follow up. We've been away since Xmas, so just getting to this now. We did receive the chair and are absolutely thrilled with it. It is just beautiful and extremely comfortable! Your rocking chair is a piece of art. Thank you again.


San Mateo, California​

December 10, 2002

Dear Gary:

The rocking chair arrived in perfect condition on Friday. It is just beautiful, and so beautifully made. It's comfortable for both me and my husband — I'm 5'9" and he's 6'3" — and so solidly built it doesn't make a peep nor creak. I spend a lot of time nursing our baby and I thought I might need to add cushions for more comfort, but no matter how long I sit it's still comfortable. It is truly a thing of beauty and comfort.

Thank you so much!


New York, New York​

November 23, 2002


In a world where mediocrity thrives and proliferates, while good men and women struggle and die, a world where avarice has replaced philanthropy and violence has replaced compassion, your rocking chair restores my confidence in the human spirit. That's no exaggeration. One problem, though. How do I extract my wife from the chair? I'd like to sit in it.


Lawrence, Kansas​

November 20, 2002


All you and Gary and Co have done from start to finish is so very appreciated. My folks were BLOWN AWAY. I think they are still in shock. The rocker is a work of art. Mil Gracias!

— Many thanks to you and Austin and the crew —


Red Rock, Texas​

November 09, 2002

Hi Gary,

Further to my earlier message of congratulations, it is indeed a great day when the Weeks Rocker makes it to its third continent. I'm as proud of that as you all are, I'm sure. I'll be looking forward to updates on your website, if you plan to include Oz. At least your map at home will need to expand somewhat!

I had to go to work just after sending the earlier message, but since I've got home — well, you know what the focus has been!! I've looked at it from every angle and admired the grain orientation and juxtaposition, and the vast difference in such between the top and the bottom of the seat. Wow, what attention to detail you have!

Of course I've been rocking plenty, but have to get up regularly just to look at and admire it, then I can sit down again and appreciate the shapes.

I look forward to introducing your work of art to my visitors, the first of whom comes tomorrow bearing my stools is one of my five brothers. As yet I've not told any of them about the purchase, so it will be a pleasant surprise.

Looks like I'll be wiring the balance of US$1100 on Monday our time, so please let me know if you don't get it by the end of next week.

And I must thank you also for the ingenious construction of the crate the rocker arrived in and the degree of wrap. Very light and simple to use. Thanks also for the catalogues and letter accompanying the chair. Indeed, the chair does speak for itself.


Melbourne, Australia​

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