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March 21, 2005

We received the chair right on time. We are extremely happy with it, and appreciate you checking in with us.


Houston, Texas

March 10, 2005

Dear Gary,

It has been a long time since Thanksgiving . . . a long time since our rocking chairs arrived. I have wanted to write to you and tell you what I felt about my chair but I didn't know how. So I went back to your website and there it was . . . "Sit in a work of art".

My chair is so beautiful and the [inlay] is just what I wanted. More than that, the colors of the [inlay] are gorgeous.

I sit in that chair very respectfully making sure to notice its comfort and smooth touch with my hands. Even where it seems, to the eye, that there should be a "hill or a valley" in the wood, it is just as smooth as smooth can be.

Thank you for all the effort you put into the chair, in general, and, specifically, all the attention you gave to that [inlay].

With great sincerity,

Dallas, Texas

March 10, 2005

hi gary.

the rocker arrived today and has been unpacked. it looks great and held up well under transit although i must confess that the gigantic box has gotten the most attention and use, directed mostly by my 20 month old daughter. i will give the rocker one last spinbefore i head to bed, we are looking forward to getting to know it as well. thanks much for your attention to details and conscientiousness.


Seattle, Washington

March 09, 2005

Dear Gary,

I've had my Weeks Rocker for nearly a year now. Still loving it. You can't believe the compliments I recieve when people see it in my office. I made the table next to it. No one ever comments on that.


Danville, Indiana

March 06, 2005

Dear Gary,

E.'s family has just been delivered to the airport after a weekend of very informal celebrations, hikes — and meals in honor of his 50th. At this moment — he sits comfortably in front of a fire — rocking in his chair and reading the Sunday paper.

The chair is a treasure. Thank you.

Best regards,

A. G.


Gary —

I am the fortunate recipient of one of your handmade mahogany rocking chairs. Not only will it be well taken care of while it is appreciated and enjoyed for many years, but it will serve as a enduring reminder of a milestone in my life. Your craftsmanship is extraordinary and I'm certain is up to the task of being used for years to come.

Thank you for working with my wife on this wonderful surprise.

E. G.

Owings Mills, Maryland

March 04, 2005


The chair arrived Thursday as planned, and the baby came home from the hospital Friday (earlier than planned).
Chair works great . . . and looks great! I am very happy with my investment!

Very impressive piece of work!

B. H.

Chalfont, Pennsylvania

February 23, 2005

Hi Gary,

Here it is. A happy mother rocking already with the baby. We are totally happy with the chair. The only bad news was that French customs were much more expensive then expected (533 euros, which is about twice the amount you mentioned initially; this is something you have to know for future transactions!).

[ Ouch! I get an estimate for duties and taxes from my agent and forward that amount to people in another country who are considering a purchase. The customs and duty charges on previous shipments to France have been accurate. Apparently, however, it is impossible for me to get a firm and correct quote for duties and taxes to every country, every time. This experience makes me reluctant to estimate duties and taxes on an international shipment.
— GW]

Thanks for the efficiency in processing it all so as to make it available on time. And congratulations for the design: being born in Canada at a time when rocking chairs were very popular, I can tell you this one is really, really, well done.

All the best
C. M.

Paris, France

January 24, 2005

Hi Gary:

The rocker arrived in perfect condition mid-November. We've been enjoying it very much. B. gave birth to our first child last week and they love spending time rocking together. There is one slight problem: when B. nurses Z. in the chair, she can't rock or he'll fall right to sleep! All of our visitors comment on how beautiful and comfortable the rocker is — and believe me, we've had plenty of visitors. The chair fits everyone: from a petite 5' 2" to a heavy 6' 3".

Thanks for your attention to detail on this new addition to our home (the chair, that is).
F. A.

San Diego, California

January 05, 2005


S. ordered the rocking chair for the arrival of our baby. We absolutely love it. I was reluctant to believe that it would be comfortable without a cushion, however, it is unbelievably comfortable. We love rocking our baby in it. Now if we could just get him to sleep for us!

Thanks for the beautifully designed and perfectly comfortable chair!

Chicago, IL

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