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June 28, 2005


I just got home and saw the furniture. It is so beautiful! It fits perfectly, both our home and our style. Thank you.


The Woodlands, Texas

June 27, 2005

Yes, Gary.

[The set] got here and it looks great. I tried to call once but got a busy signal . . . and never got back to you. Sorry.

Betty is ecstatic over the chairs.

Thanks so much.
S. J.

Lafayette, Colorado

June 21, 2005


Thanks for your inquiry. The rocker arrived in fine shape last week. It was crated so well, even the truck driver commented: "Gee, I guess that's not the kind of rocker you buy at the Old Country Store." So true.

D. and M. were beside themselves over the quality of the construction and comfort of the rocker. I have to admit I was skeptical until I went over to try out the chair myself. I didn't want to get up out of it! Your rockers are amazing. Thanks again.


Smithfield, Virginia

June 20, 2005

Hi Gary,

I was going to write you an email today, but it looks like you beat me to it . . . :) Yes, I did get the chair yesterday and it is more beautiful than I'd imagined it! It is as much a piece of art as it is a piece of furniture . . . The original design, the quality of the wood, and the impeccable craftsmanship makes it a one of a kind piece!

I would give the overall experience a 10/10 if it wasn't for the delivery . . . The delivery company would not deliver on Saturdays, and could only give me 4-hour windows in the morning or afternoon. That doesn't work for any person working full-time, as it effectively requires one to take a full day off. The Stickely dresser I bought a few months back was delivered on a Saturday morning, and that worked out perfectly. As the Overnite Transportation warehouse was just a few miles away from my office, I ended up driving there during lunch break to pick up the chair myself. The crate would not fit in my Honda Pilot, so I had to disassemble it on-site . . . Quite an ordeal. In short, I'd suggest that you look into using a delivery company that does Saturday deliveries.

Thanks for such a beautiful chair!

Best regards,


[ I regret any inconvenience to any patron and work to keep it to the minimum. However, the shipping prices quoted in our catalog and on the website are for the level of service noted in this email: large appointment windows on weekdays only. I can see how these specifications are problems for some, but the price cannot be beaten by any other carrier that I have found. The option of a Saturday delivery will cost at least twice our quoted prices, but I will be happy to arrange it for those who require and desire it. — GW ]

San Francisco, California

June 17, 2005


I have a brother, actually two, who work in wood, furniture as well as restoration carpentry. I have also handled tools and sanded surfaces to silk. I know what it must have taken to make #1326. The design, the careful matching, the wood, the electricity, the smoothing and rubbing – the man hours, to say nothing of the packing and shipping and making a living and whatall else. Just because I spent what I consider a large sum to indulge myself, doesn't mean that I don't respect that it is worth every penny. And, my potentially old curmudgeon son has a tangible inheritance to remember me by.

Just wait till those brothers see . . . !
S. G.

Scottsdale, Arizona​

June 17, 2005

Hi again, Gary —

Just to let you know the rocker arrived in perfect condition and is gorgeous. J. and his parents love it, and it's been a rare pleasure for me to rock my little grandson in a chair we've looked forward to almost as much as the baby!

Thanks for your craftsmanship and care

PS- — when the second daughter announces a pregnancy, we'll be in touch again.

Salt Lake City, Utah

June 17, 2005

The rocker arrived in perfect shape. Thank you so much, Gary. Last night I had to tear myself away from the rocker to go to bed!

Best regards,

Walnut Creek, California

June 16, 2005


I received the felt strips today and will try them out tomorrow. Thank you for sending them.

Thank you also for the kind words you enclosed. Buying the chair was a very "old world" experience and will always linger. Having children is important but teaching them the right things is what really counts. The way you do your work sets many examples that seem to be forgotten these days: respect for the environment and love for nature. Building one item that's meant to last is so much healthier, so much more rewarding, environmentally friendly, than making hundreds that will be discarded in a blink of an eye.

Unfortunately people have this need to acquire non-stop, use and toss thousands of things without thinking about the consequences. It's a real treat to see that quality work still exists, not only to provide quality work but, I guess, because you love what you do. That's wonderful. And, of course, your work teaches patience, a virtue that's become rare in our world of instant gratification. I must admit though that I was very grateful that you managed to deliver the chair faster than promised!

You see, your chair will teach our daughter many things when she grows up!

All the best to you,
I. E.

New York, New York

June 10, 2005


We finally decided to keep the chair, it's just too beautiful and comfortable to return. The chair is so close to what we have been looking for in a rocker that it would be foolish to make the width of the chair too much of an issue. Our daughter really loves rocking with us, she laughs and giggles and it's wonderful to see how much she, too, enjoys the rocker. Is it possible that the wood has started changing colors? It seems to me that the wood is already richer and darker than when the chair first arrived even though it seems kind of quick to me.

Thanks again for your help and comments; the chair will be a great memory for us, especially when we will return to Europe someday. We love things that are built to last and not to toss and it's wonderful to see that this kind of work you provide still exists!

Thank you!
I. E.

New York, New York

June 02, 2005

Dear Gary,

The rocker arrived as planned, and is gorgeous. We love it! Thanks for making such a great product.

A. B.

Baltimore, Maryland

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