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October 28, 2005

I have the rocking chair and it's wonderful. It's beautiful and comfortable and I'm so glad to have it. Thanks.


Mobile, Alabama

October 19, 2005

[ Note: Not every delivery is smooth and trouble-free. Most are, but not all. This is the nature of freight. After furniture leaves here, we cannot be certain of its handling, but we will assist in every way we can and we will take ultimate responsibility — this is certain. The email exchange below illustrates such a situation. — GW ]

Dear Austin,

Thank you for your email. I had called to schedule an appointment for delivery today, and waited all afternoon. Finally, I called the delivery place and they said that the rocking chair was missing. I asked what I could do now. They said they should be able to find it within the next couple of days. I told them I was upset that I wasted the afternoon awaiting the delivery. They apologized and said that they would deliver it within a 1 hour window once it is found.

I just thought I should let you know that the delivery service you have used has treated your customer in this way. I am not happy about this situation, but seem to have no other choice. Currently, I have a six week old baby and a visitor from Australia stuck in the house for one day and now we'll have to be here again, when they find the chair.

Otherwise, I have been happy with your service, and would suggest you to others, though maybe not your delivery service.

Thank you,


October 24, 2005


I was out of town last week. I am chagrined to return and find that your chair has not been delivered and that you were stood up by Overnite. I am very sorry for your inconvenience and for the delay.

Overnite is a large company with terminals throughout the states. When their system works well, as it almost always does, they are amazingly fast and reasonably priced. When it doesn't, they appear to be a clumsy bureaucracy. Again I regret that you have experienced the latter.

Austin, my son, has been calling N. at the San Diego terminal, and I called him today. Apparently, or most likely, the chair was loaded onto the wrong trailer at some point between us and you and will soon be discovered out of place and delivered. I just called the terminal manager in Austin, our local terminal, who verified that, when this occurs, the missing item soon reappears.

I would like to give Overnite a few days to deliver your chair. If they have not delivered a chair to you this week we will finish one of the chairs we are now working on for you.

Sincere apologies, and regards,
Gary Weeks
Wimberley, Texas


Dear Gary,

Thank you for all the customer service that you and your son have provided. You have actually made an unpleasant experience pleasant with your well written emails and phone calls. I'm glad your company took the lead in making sure the rocking chair was located.

This morning I placed a call to the delivery company, and upon hearing my name, they knew immediately who I was. The rocking chair is to be delivered tomorrow between 8 and 10 am as I requested. I look forward to rocking away with my newborn daughter on a quality piece of furniture, as is the quality of your customer service.

Thank you,

San Diego, California

October 19, 2005


The delivery was perfect and my wife loves the chair. Thank you for all of your delivery efforts and for making a wonderful chair.


Redmond, Washington

October 12, 2005

Thank you. The chair was delivered yesterday afternoon. We are delighted!


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

October 11, 2005

The chair arrived in perfect condition. It took me awhile to unpack the crate. That was one very large box. The box is still on my front porch. I had already re-arranged my bedroom in preparation, but found that with the chair and the stool, I needed to re-arrange again. That of course led to re-arranging all the pictures on the walls as well! Several hours later, the chair and the rest of the furnishings in my bedroom are in place.

Thank you for a very comfortable chair. I was a little concerned when I saw it that it might be too large since I am only 5 feet tall. You said it would fit someone my height and it does. I look forward to many years of use. The stool is beautiful in its simplicity and I am enjoying it as well. Thank you.

I. L.

Redwood City, California

October 04, 2005

Hi Gary,

I just returned from Aspen today and had the opportunity to sit in one of your chairs — it was so comfortable and beautiful! We will not be moving in for a month but I needed to make sure all deliveries were correct. Thank you very much and I know we will enjoy them for years.


Aspen, Colorado

October 03, 2005


Your email said it very well! We love the chair and appreciate how well it is made. We also thank you for meeting our order several weeks earlier than expected.


Houston, Texas

September 26, 2005


We are absolutely in love with our new chairs! We like to spend a lot of time at our dining table, and this really makes it special (and comfortable!).

M. H.

Austin, Texas

September 25, 2005

The rocker has been delivered, and was more than I could have hoped for. It is extremely comfortable as well as beautiful (thus justifying the purchase to my husband). We have both been rocking everyday, with many more to come once the baby is born.

Thank you so much for making the process of ordering so easy and keeping me informed along the way. I will definitely recommend your company to people in the Philadelphia area.

Thank you,

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

September 09, 2005


The table and chairs arrived Tuesday, and I just got the time to unwrap them last night. They are beautiful, as expected, and the table is indeed a nice size and looks good with just the two chairs. My small dinette set for two is perfectly proportioned; we did an excellent job of deciding upon the right size for the table top.

The color of the wood is not quite what I expected. It is a very neutral brown without any discernable red, green, or purple tinge, and it is a little lighter than anticipated. It is quite simply "brown" and, being not too dark and not too light, I am confident that it will go well in any setting I may find for it. (I plan to move a lot in the next few years.)

The grain on the table top is beautiful, and as you say, it is difficult to see the seams where the boards are glued together. I even went as far as to tape a piece of twine from edge to edge, along the seams to expose them. Still, there are areas where the grain of one board flows so well into the grain of the next, that it is quite impossible to follow any seam the entire length of the table!

The chairs are comfortable, just like my others, and I don't think I will miss the arms at all. The figure of the grain on the seat tops is stunning. Too bad most people won't see it, with the chairs shoved up to the table.

Thanks again for your work and dedication. You truly produce works of art. I am eagerly anticipating the introduction of the extra-large rocker. (Get to work!!) Hopefully by the time I retire. :-)


Long Beach, California

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