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November 15, 2005

Hi Gary,

The rocking chair was delivered last evening without incident, and the driver was, as you suggested, much more cooperative than the dispatcher. That individual could use some training in giving some hope to the customer that maybe things won't be as complex as was described, and refraining from the definite "no's" about which she was adamant. A simple "it is the prerogative of the driver" would suffice.

The rocker is the epitomy of fine craftsmanship. The finish is impeccable. The quality and workmanship makes us know our great grandchildren will still have use of it in the future long after our rocking days are over.


Beaumont, Texas

November 14, 2005

Gary, The chair is beautiful, absolutely beautiful!!! It deserves a room of its own. My husband had to touch it and look at it and comment on it for 5 minutes before he would sit in it. We love it thank you.

Okay the baby can come now.


K.R. Bellevue, Idaho

November 09, 2005

Hi Gary,

Thank you for following up. As you recommended, I called to confirm delivery. We did receive the rocker late yesterday afternoon (as expected). It arrived in perfect shape and is absolutely beautiful. We couldn't be happier. Your craftsmanship surely lives up to our expectations.

Again, I appreciate your follow-up. We will definitely keep you in mind for additional pieces and referrals. We wish you continued success.


Scottsdale, Arizona

November 09, 2005

Hi Gary,

I received the rocking chair just yesterday and I love it!! It is a truly beautiful chair and so comfortable. I rocked my baby in it as soon as he woke up and he was very calm and looked like he was really enjoying it too!

Thank you very much for rushing it to me. I really appreciate your extra effort.

Thanks again!

Reston, Virginia

November 07, 2005

Thank you! It arrived and we love it.

Thanks so much,

C.K. San Francisco, California

November 06, 2005

Gary, the chair arrived and it is beautiful. It will have a special place in my family for generations.

It will also come in handy for the 3 month-old twins. You can put me in the column of satisfied customers.

Thank you for your graciousness.
D. R.

Dallas, Texas

November 05, 2005

I got my rocker last night and I LOVE it!! Great service!

Thank you very much!

Columbus, Mississippi

November 04, 2005

Yes, we received the rocker. It arrived in great condition. I must say that it is wonderful to touch and look at. I am more than pleased and very grateful. Thank you for making such a beautiful treasure for myself and my two sons. We look forward to enjoying it for many, many, years.

Thank you, Gary and please thank your wife and son Austin for assisting in the process as well. We are blessed to have such a fine piece from such a fine family. Take care.


Mechanicsville, Virginia

October 30, 2005

The rocker was unpacked today and is great. It is so comfortable, I think it's my new favorite chair!


Overland Park, Kansas

October 29, 2005

Good Afternoon Gary,

Just wanted to let you know that everyone loves the rocker. People have used words like "incredible", "unbelievably comfortable", "magnificent", "stunning". M. has not made any comments yet, but she loves to nurse and sleep in the rocker.

Thank you very much for a piece of art that will be in our family for generations.


Tampa, Florida

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