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February 14, 2006

We got it last week and are extremely pleased. The craftsmanship is incredible.


Forest Hills, New York

February 10, 2006


The rocker arrived safe and sound yesterday afternoon. It looks wonderful and, more importantly, is a real pleasure to sit in. The chair is very comfortable. It reclines to a very comfortable position for both my wife and I to easily rock it even though we are 6" apart in height. Thank you very much for your wonderful work and know we'll get years of enjoyment from your rocker.

Warm Regards,
G. O.

Berkeley, California

February 06, 2006


We got the chair. It looks beatiful and feels great, just as we expected! The build quality is superb and your service exceptional.

After a quick two minute "rocking" on the chair, the only thing I could think of to possibly hope for/comment on — and this is purely a matter of personal taste and influenced by "butt-memory" of the rocking chair in my childhood home in Finland — is perhaps a little bit wider range of rocking when leaning back.

I wonder if you have any comments on this? Perhaps an issue with stability? Having said that, the rocking motion range on your chair is much longer/wider than on any other rocking chair I've tried here in the US.

Again, thanks for the wonderful chair; we look forward to a lifetime of rocking!

Best regards,
Washington, D.C.


[ My response and a reply follow: — GW ]


I am glad the delivery worked for you and that you like the chair. I wish you and R. the best, and thank you very much.

When I designed this chair 12 years ago, I found the curve of the rockers and their relationship to the seat and back by trial and error. Many people tested the prototypes, giving their opinions, and I have delivered many chairs since. You are the first to comment that, for you, the rocker could travel farther back in its pendulum swing. I have had several people say that they are glad the chair doesn't go so far back as to give them any sense that it could go too far — there are some rockers out there that do give one a fright. This is not to say that your memory or experience is invalid . . . I just have to admit that I didn't get it completely right for you and hope that you find the other aspects of the chair pleasing enough to temper this compromise.

May you rock in good health.




The beauty, craftmanship and comfort of the chair far outweigh my small observation! And I am sure it is only a matter of getting use to the range of motion the chair has.


Washington, D.C.

January 08, 2006

Gary — As you can see, your chair looks perfect in our new house. Thank you so much. My husband and I are thrilled with it. We are located in Northwest Montana. So, the chair's casual elegance fits perfectly.

I bought it as a Christmas present for my husband, J.

C. S.

Kalispell, Montana​

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